Episode 16.6: ‘Sex, Lies, and No Escape!’

After avoiding Eliza and her claims of carrying his unborn twins, Reg is coming round to the idea. Although she is naturally a Liberal and Reg a raving Tory (and loving boyfriend of Pablo Jones), they decide they can make a pragmatic child-rearing coalition.

Meanwhile, Big Dick Johnson has said yes to Gina’s proposal of marriage! He is over the moon, on Cloud 9, on top of the world! Candi is carried away by the romance of the moment and sleeps with Simpkins (yes, really!), who afterwards tells her he always fancied her mother, Judith, and blames Dick for her death (she crashed her car while strung out on the antihistamines he gave her). Simpkins also tells her that Gina has been having an affair with Fred. Blown away by all this information, Candi goes to visit her friend Pablo.

Gina goes to see Fred and the tension is palpable. Fred realises he has to go far away where temptation cannot reach him. He gives Eliza and Reg his café and radio show, he gives Simpkins his shares in Chessington World of Adventures in return for his silence over the affair, and he heads to the airport bus. But he is waylaid by Dick, who insists he comes back to the pub with him to celebrate the engagement. Meanwhile, Pablo is visited by Candi and cannot hide the fact he knew about Gina’s affair already. Candi is torn about hurting her uncle and when they get to the pub and the engagement party insists that Pablo tells him – Pablo cannot bring himself to do so. In truly soaptastic style; Gina is a bundle of nerves, Fred is very uncomfortable, Candi is in a high state of anxiety, Big Dick is blissfully happy and unaware and then Pablo finally gets up the courage and blurts out that Gina had an affair with Fred!

Memorable Moments:

  • That incredible soaptastic final scene in the pub…TENSE!!!
  • Big Dick wearing a colourful woollen jumper, deciding that the leather jacket is the old him and now he is going to be a nice, entirely new man
  • Reg’s enthusiasm for naming the twins after famous dead Tories

Will everything remain hunky-tory for Eliza and Reg and their new parenting coalition?

Will Fred really leave Newtown and all his belongings and wealth behind him? Will Gina have a heart attack??

And what on Earth is Big Dick Johnson going to do now???

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