Episode 17.1: ‘Come in, baby, it’s cold outside’

Candi and Reg are at the aquarium, Reg catches Candi up on all that has happened in Newtown – Pablo being shot, Big Dick being put in jail, Fred and Gina going away to sort themselves out. They decide that that was all very dramatic and interesting but they are ready to move on, though of course Reg is still father to Eliza’s unborn twins and that is rather on his mind. Later, after Candi has gone, AJ comes along and tries to help Reg realise he could be a good father. The three of them all meet up in the playground but it starts to snow…

Constance has done up a room at Simpkins’ hotel to make it more like a Love Motel, trying to attract customers in out of the snow. AJ and Candi make it through the snowstorm to the hotel and take that suite. Constance is delighted and she and Simpkins listen through the keyhole.

However, although Candi would like to have some nookie with AJ he is oblivious and they just play scrabble.

Meanwhile, Reg is alone on Lyle Hill, remembering his own terrifying butcher father.

Simpkins upsets by Constance laughing in her face when she says she is not really all about sex and perhaps they should try parenthood again, he says she is too old! She tries to make herself feel better by flirting with AJ, when Candi walks in on them she gets upset and Constance realises right away that Candi wanted more than friendship from him. She says to AJ that he needs to learn a thing or two and they kiss.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg remembering the raw meats in the butcher shop that he made friends with and talked to as a child
  • Candi and AJ having a go on the playground equipment
  • Constance’s and Simpkins’ homemade porn film

Will Reg get over his crisis of confidence and accept his new role as a soon-to-be father?

Will Candi tell AJ how she really feels?

Will Constance forgive Simpkins for calling her old?!?!

Find out at our Valentine’s Special on 11th February 2019, after our special 150th ever episode on 28th January!


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