Episode 17.4: ‘Breathe deeply and count to Zen’

AJ is finding it hard to handle Candi’s passion, he nearly gets his glasses broken! Candi is not entirely sure he is the man for her after all. Meanwhile, Gina says she would like to run the pub with Fred, Fred seems to be hesitating about that stepping stone of their relationship and in frustration Gina says what she really wants is a jet ski – as Candi points out, when things are getting tricky in her love life Gina always wants a jet ski. Gina also wants to get some spirits for the pub, she is all out.

Simpkins and Constance have decided to stop playing games with the young folk and concentrate on their own relationship. Constance goes to the book shop and is seemingly angered by Eliza’s pregnancy and all the pregnancies she has seen around in Newtown recently. Eliza is wanting advice because she is not sure if she can return Reg’s sudden affections. Candi passes by and has no sympathy at all with her predicament.

Rita Meter has not been seen for a while, it turns out she has got into Marie Kondo-style tidying, feng shui and designing Zen gardens, the latter of which gets a fair few visitors today. She is Simpkins’ ex but Constance and her get on like a house on fire, sharing stories about Simpkins’ quirks in bed and having a fine old time. Constance suggests that Rita does up Simpkins’ hotel while she takes Simpkins on holiday.

Meanwhile, Reg is trying to get rid of a box of old spirits when Gina finds him (after having no luck anywhere else) and gladly takes them off his hands. Reg has decided he truly loves Eliza and tells her how he feels, in fact he gets down on one knee and proposes! Eliza thinks she will show her ex Candi and turns to Reg to say yes.


Memorable Moments:

  • The special Zen Garden arm and hand position (which looks a lot like Reg carrying a box of spirits)
  • Simpkins suspecting Reg of stealing the spirits from Gina’s pub and telling him to wait there while he tells Gina, Reg does exactly as he is told and does not move one iota
  • Everyone passing by and telling Reg and Eliza what a perfect couple they make, culminating in the marriage proposal
  • Rita’s comeback, including her very very tidy pants drawer

Will Constance take Simpkins for that holiday and will he be pleasantly surprised when he sees his ex-wife’s work on his return??

Will Gina continue to try to get Fred to run the pub with her, or will she be happy with her jet ski?

Is it really a yes from Eliza and an impending wedding???

Find out in Episode 17.5 on Monday 11th March at 7.30pm at the Wardrobe Theatre


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