Episode 17.5: ‘A cheesy twist at the end’

Gina is desperate for Fred to get the hints she is dropping him, she wants him to run the pub with her. Eventually it bursts out of her – Fred is really happy to be asked and says yes! They decide to rename the pub Gina’s.

Reg is preparing an engagement breakfast for Eliza, AJ comes by and gets some good advice from him – after drawing back from Candi’s passion he wants to be decisive and has a good practice at the bakery picking out baked goods in a firm fashion. Eliza and Candi have a tense conversation, things are still crackling between them but they both clearly want to show each other they do not care. While Eliza throws herself into her engagement with Reg, Candi gives AJ another shot – this time he is determined not to be scared off!

Meanwhile, Rita is doing up Simpkins’ hotel, completely changing everything about it. Constance is taken aback, especially when Rita insults her relationship with Simpkins, but is won over by the special disco lift…which they later get stuck in. They are only released when Reg and Eliza turn up for a celebratory stay. AJ and Candi have turned up at the hotel too, going back to where it all began for them

Constance has a real craving for cheese twists, Candi reminds her that the last time she had that craving she was pregnant! Constance gasps in disbelief.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg and Eliza driving along, quoting dialogue from the Little Mermaid – Reg is the Little Mermaid to Eliza’s Flounder
  • The disco lift’s funky music, smoke machine and special lighting
  • Fred leaving Gina to get on with work at the pub while he goes out to the Go Kart Museum

What will Simpkins’ think of his ex-wife Rita’s renovations of his hotel??

Will Fred and Gina become a dream team as landlady and landlord of the pub?

Is Constance really pregnant???

Find out in Episode 17.6 at 7.30pm on Monday 25th March 2019 at The Wardrobe Theatre

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