Episode 17.6: ‘One baby, two babies, three babies, four…’

Eliza tells Reg that they are not due to have twins after all, but triplets! Reg goes on a delighted and very financially-foolish shopping spree, spending more and more money until he mortgages the house and spends every last penny. Meanwhile, Eliza talks to Billy de Burgh in confidence and admits to him that there are no triplets at all, or even twins, but only one baby – the scan got it wrong but she just found herself saying triplets in the heat of the moment!

Billy has also helped AJ and Candi with some early counselling for their new relationship. The only thing is that it makes Candi demand physical fitness from AJ, which he just cannot manage, and inspires Candi to make more of the thing he most loves about her – her eyebrows, and she ends up, with help from Gina’s eyebrow pencil, looking like Ming the Merciless.

Simpkins is back in town and horrified at the changes Constance allowed his ex wife Rita to make to the decor of his hotel. All is forgiven, however, when Gina and Candi finally make Constance see she is pregnant – Simpkins is over the moon. But it is not long before darkness descends on his brain, he sees AJ trying to lose weight at the pregnancy yoga class Constance attends and he thinks back to the that time some weeks ago when Constance said she was going to help AJ get some sex skills.

Constance is devastated when Simpkins accuses her of carrying AJ’s child and desperately asks AJ to tell him it is not true. AJ visits Simpkins, declaring their innocence, Simpkins prepares to carry out his threats if this proves to be a lie.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg’s shopping spree through Mothercare, followed by Simpkins’ joyous Mothercare trip later
  • Gina drawing on those mighty eyebrows on Candi’s face
  • AJ getting his tummy out and making it speak

Will Eliza confess to Reg that there are not two or three babies but only one?

And what will Eliza and Reg do now that Reg has spent every last penny??

Will Simpkins realise he really is the Daddy before it is too late???

Find out in Episode 17.7 on Monday 8th April at 7.30pm at the Wardrobe Theatre

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