Episode 17.7: ‘The Great Big Disappearing Baby Trick’

Constance cannot easily let go of the fact that Simpkins accused her of being pregnant with another man’s child. Eventually, however, her love for him wins out and they kiss and make up.

AJ and Billy are playing Warhammer, things gets intense and Billy takes it all too far when he becomes a goblin like one of the ones he was playing with. Fred takes a break from tending the bar at the pub (now that he is working there with landlady girlfriend Gina), and helps AJ track Billy down to the Newtown caves where they manage to calm him down and bring him back to himself.

Meanwhile, Eliza is frustrated by Reg’s flights of fancy – he is preparing to watch a cosmic meteor event that evening but has not done the laundry or anything that he said he would do. She has realised she has got herself in a very difficult situation – as she talks to herself, wondering where it all went wrong, it turns out that she is not pregnant at all! She has been faking her bump, she was trying to get back at ex Candi and now it has all gone out of control and Reg thinks he is a father-to-be of triplets, she wishes on the cosmic meteor that there was some way out of this mess!

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins, um, taking care of himself, while thinking impure thoughts at his computer screen…Fred comes in and sees a blob on his trousers, Simpkins says it is yogurt and puts it to the side, Constance later comes in and eats it!
  • Fred going down into the cellar on the hunt for crisps, and finding lots of ’70s memorabilia down there
  • The incredible jaw-dropping cliffhanger moment when we find out Eliza has been faking it all along!

Will anyone find out about Eliza’s big secret???

Will Fred and Gina become a dream-team at the pub?

Will Simpkins start his own line of yogurts?

Find out in Episode 17.8 at the Wardrobe Theatre on Mon 22nd April at 7.30pm


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