Episode 17.11: ‘Eliza’s lie gets shafted by an air shaft’

Gina and Fred receive the news at the pub that Constance, Simpkins and Reg are all at the hospital. Candi arrives and she and Gina go off in Fred’s beloved Ford Mondeo, only to crash it and write it off. Fred heads to the hospital jogging – it takes him a looong time to get there.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Constance is in the throes of labour but wanting to find Simpkins. Simpkins is bleeding internally and in a terrible way but, not knowing that she is at the hospital too, is trying to get out of the hospital to get back to Constance. Eliza is also trying to escape from the doctors and nurses that Constance asks to check on her, she does not want them to find out she is not pregnant at all! Simpkins and Eliza have found their separate ways into the air shafts, SImpkins makes it outside but is brought back in by the arriving Candi and Gina who tell him where his lover is.

AJ is looking after Reg, who has slowly come round and eventually gets into a wheelchair. No-one understands why Eliza has not been to visit him, except for Candi whose nasty comments about Eliza shock everyone – especially Gina, who thinks she is a hero for carrying three babies and for going through so much.

Constance sees a dead man on a trolley she thinks is Simpkins and heads down to the morgue to have her baby near him, she sits up some of the frozen bodies in the drawers to make it less lonely – AJ comes in and spots the cold dead body of Pablo, one time Newtown salon owner. AJ and Candi get Constance out of there and take her back to the maternity ward, where SImpkins has crawled to, there is a touching reunion and Simpkins sees his baby being born before being taken off to be operated on. Fred and Candi visit the new baby, a girl called Conkins Simpsance. They do not tell Constance they fear Simpkins is a goner.

Eliza hears a terrible creaking in the air shaft and falls through, on to AJ below, getting a drink at the vending machine with Gina! Gina kneels down to tend to her, worried about those babies, but as she puts her hand to Eliza’s stomach she realises something is not right, and pulls out all the padding!

Memorable Moments:

  • Constance making a heartfelt speech to who she thinks is the dead Simpkins, Fred next making a similar speech to the remains of his Mondeo
  • Reg and Fred having a chat, Fred sad about his car while Reg patiently sits there, with possible life-changing injuries, listening to him moan
  • When Candi and Gina arrive around the back of the hospital and Gina thinks they have arrived on some kind of industrial estate, Candi spots a wrecked Simpkins and says, ‘Well, he isn’t industrial but he is in a state.’

What will Gina do or say to Eliza now she knows those triplets are not real and Eliza took the wedding money she gave her to look after them under false pretences???

What will the excited father-to-be and fiance Reg say or do now that he realises she has lied to him all along, and what will that do to his recovery???

What will Eliza say or do to get out of this one???

And how will AJ fare, having been fallen on from a great height by Eliza??

And how long will they manage to keep new mother Constance from knowing Simpkins is at death’s door?

Find out in our Season Finale on Monday 8th July at 7.30pm at the Wardrobe Theatre


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