Episode 18.1: ‘Regicide’

Reg is dead. Devastated when  Eliza’s pregnancy was revealed as a sham, he shot himself. Whilst the rest of the community mourn, Eliza is ostracised and begins to plan a new life by finding her true self.
At the funeral, Reg’s estranged brother, Anthony appears, expressing a wish stay in town awhile. AJ tries to reach out to Eliza and persuades her to come to the wake. However, this leads to a a violent confrontation with Gina, who blames her for Reg’s death. Back at AJ’s flat an angry Eliza smashes one of his favourite Warhammer figurines – has he made the wrong kind of friend? Later, Fred and Gina discuss the recent dramas and Gina decides to ‘leave town for a bit’, departing in a way that makes Fred feel rather concerned about the state of their relationship. While he sits alone, someone from Fred’s past suddenly appears at the door. Debbie is back in town..
In other news, the pub now does coffee.
Who is DEBBIE?
What is ANTHONY up to?
Is it really £4.50 for a large cappuccino? £4.50?!
Find out in Episode 2 of Season 18 on Monday 16th September 2019 at the Wardrobe Theatre at 7.30pm

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