Episode 18.3: ‘Dido to the rescue’

After the destruction of her caravan home in Oldtown, Gina has gone feral, eating rats and defending her pit against enemies.
Back in Newtown, AJ and Anthony bond over their shared love of Hugh Grant, but Simpkins warns Anthony away from AJ, ‘that utter, utter gobshite’.
Candi and Fred rush up the M1 in the Daewoo Matiz to rescue Gina, enjoying much Dido on the way. After some heartfelt cajoling, they convince Gina to return home with them.
Meanwhile, Eliza has let Debbie come and stay with her and they form a friendship. Anthony pays a visit and there is a spark of romance between him and Debbie. Their reading of Eliza’s erotic novel is interrupted by Gina’s sudden arrival. She has come to make peace with Eliza, but when Anthony casually announces that it was he who ordered the destruction of her home, Gina screams and begins to strangle him…
Will Gina kill Anthony?
Is Fred going to become a Dido tribute act? 
When will Eliza publish ‘The Seven Tentacles of Sin’?

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