Episode 18.4: Let the right one chin

Debbie and Anthony have been getting intimate on Eliza’s sofa, but Debbie spoils the mood by revealing she is Fred’s former lover. She goes to see Fred for the first time in nine years. They find the flame is still burning strong between them, even though he is now engaged to Gina.
Meanwhile AJ and Candy are discussing different things that make them angry. AJ gets worked up and goes on an Incredible Hulk-esque rampage, tearing his clothes and menacing local pigeons.
At the pub, Gina and Eliza decide put their recent quarrels behind them and become friends. As they chat, a misunderstanding appears. Gina thinks Eliza fancies Debbie and says she’s ‘fine’ with that, but this is misconstrued as Gina being ‘fine’ with Debbie and Fred rekindling their relationship. There is a tense showdown between Gina, Fred, Debbie, and Anthony about who’s with who. However, tensions are defused when a few tentative chin strokes turn seamlessly into a four-a-side love-in…
Is this the beginning of a Newtown love quadrangle?  
Will AJ use his newfound rage for good or evil?
How is Eliza’s latest erotic novel coming along?
Find out in Episode 5 of Season 18 on Monday 11th November 2019 at the Wardrobe Theatre

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