Episode 18.6: ‘Mixed doubles’

After getting in touch with his anger last week, AJ is now exploring the next most enjoyable of the deadly sins: gluttony. He’s been feeling insecure about his weight, but Candi reveals she actually prefers a man with a bit of substance. Together they embark on a gastronomic odyssey down the Wetherspoons food menu, filling AJ to the brim. Gina is appalled that Candi could ever stray from Gina’s own pub and bars her.

Meanwhile, Gina, Fred, Debbie and Anthony are negotiating the aftermath of their surprise group lovemaking the night before. No one wants to suggest that they didn’t have a brilliant time, and so another illicit get-together is arranged.
In the cafe of her new soon-to-be-opened concert hall, Eliza hears the boys discussing the affair. Thinking they are organising a tennis match, she seeks the four out at the pub and discovers the truth. When they actively try to recruit her to their sordid shenanigans, Eliza is appalled. The foursome breaks up in disarray. Eliza and Anthony walk out into town just in time to find a debauched Candi and AJ vandalising and vomiting all over the new concert hall…
What punishment lies in store for AJ and Candi?
Can Fred and Gina’s relationship recover?
Is Friday night at Wetherspoons really ‘Carrot Club’?
Find out in our end of season finale on Monday 25th November at 7.30pm  at the Wardrobe Theatre

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