Episode 18.7: ‘Love bomb’

Fred and Debbie bump into each other and they decide that the orgiastic foursome is over – Fred wants to stick with his beloved fiancee Gina and it turns out Debbie really has the hots for Anthony. Gina and Fred have a heart to heart about the whole situation and clear up any hurt or misunderstanding by planning for fun with their favourite sex toys. Debbie goes off to practice her song for the opening of the concert hall, she and Anthony seem to be a match made in heaven…until Anthony’s ex wife turns up!

Meanwhile, Simpkins is hoping Candi will lend a bit of street cred to the classical music concert opening the place, he even tries a bit of tagging in spray paint himself, but Candi is incensed by this sign of gentrification in her town. When Anthony’s ex wife is set on revenge and involves Candi in her plot, getting her and her boyfriend AJ to  place a bomb in the concert hall hidden in a small pink case, it looks like the dream of Simpkins and Anthony is over. But along the way the small pink case with the bomb inside got mixed up with the small pink case that Fred and Gina keep their sex toys in!

When AJ and Candi realise what has happened they go running to the pub. Meanwhile, Fred and Gina open the case, ready for fun, and see a ticking bomb instead. They make a dash for it and…KERBLAM!

Will Fred and Gina get out of there alive??

Will the pub be completely destroyed??

Will Debbie and Anthony’s new relationship with each other survive the drama?

Will Simpkins take up street art?

Find out in the first episode of Season 19 on Monday 13th January 2020 at 7.30pm at the Wardrobe Theatre

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