Episode 19.4: ‘The Leyton Orient Express’

After being forced to jump out of the window of Simpkins’  hotel, Debbie has broken both ankles. She and her boyfriend Anthony announce their plans to sue Simpkins. Eliza, Simpkins’ assistant and paid friend, advises him (with secret malevolent intention) to transfer all his worldly wealth to her, so that even if the lawsuit is successful, Debbie and Anthony will get nothing.
Fred is at a loss after his fiancee Gina declared she was still in love with her ex-con ex, Big Dick Johnson. He consoles himself by playing some Fifa 14, as team Leyton Orient, and unwittingly begins an anonymous online friendship with none other than Big Dick himself. The oblivious pair agree to meet IRL, and are shocked to discover they’ve been getting chummy with their love rival. They actually get on quite well.
Meanwhile, Candi is on the run from the law. On a bus out of town, she gets talking to Barry Bass, an apparently friendly northerner who reveals himself to be a Private Investigator sent to bring Candi in. Her parole officer and boyfriend AJ is on the phone to Barry, in hot pursuit and closing in on them. Barry locks Candi in a toilet in Gloucester Services, but her Aunty Gina has got wind of Candi’s predicament and rushes to her rescue, kicking in the toilet door, ready to join Candi as a fugitive…
Where now for Candi and Gina?
Just how far can Simpkins trust Eliza?
Is it only a matter of time before Fred and Dick make up and/or make out?

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