We were hoping to be back on the 21st  but having the go ahead just a few days before made the logistics impossible. But let us not dwell on what we cannot do or have not done, and instead party like it is the New Year before Covid was invented and have ourselves a special episode of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera. HOORAY!!!

Come along to the Wardrobe Theatre for the show at 7.30pm. The Wardrobe have done a smashing job with making the theatre experience as safe as possible. The tickets are sold in bubble pairs and you have no-one sitting behind or in front of you, everyone in the audience must wear a mask (unless exempt) and the cast are socially distanced both from the audience and each other. You can come and enjoy in secure fashion.

And what a party it will be in Newtown! We have never had a show on this date before and are really looking forward to it.

Get your tickets here.

If you want discounted tickets, first join our Neighbourhood Watch if you have not done so already.

Come and enjoy a fantastic, hilarious standalone show which also happens to be the finale of our shortest season ever!

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