Episode 21.3: ‘A Roadside Tragedy’

Gina has put her foot down and both Candi and Dick must give up their criminal activities, not an easy task for the life-time criminal Johnsons. They decide to become traffic wardens and, after some initial training with AJ, embark on their new careers. However, instead of fining people money, they misinterpret their training and defecate on people’s cars, including Constance’s. Constance complains to AJ and Dick and Candi look they could lose their jobs. Candi tries to seduce AJ to change his mind, then Dick tries to seduce Constance but to no avail (though she kicks herself later!). They realise
their only chance to save their jobs is to give out a massive fine to the richest person in town, so off they go after Simpkins.

Meanwhile, Simpkins has been experimenting with Druidism. He wants to stop
screwing with people, take up some new hobbies and make friends. He goes to
Gina’s to enlist her help and she accompanies him on a Thai cooking course. She even regales him with a rendition of ’90s classic, Steps’ ‘Tragedy’ complete with dance moves. However, she then exploits his friendship and gets him to do the pub’s washing up. His hands aren’t used to the work and become horribly blistered. Gina rushes Simpkins to hospital in Simpkins’ car, having to drive because of the state of his hands, just as Dick and Candi appear to try to pin a fine on Simpkins – and Candi gets hit by the car! Dick is left with a dilemma: let Gina off and commit a crime, or fine Gina and make her the criminal!

Is Candi seriously hurt?? And Will Gina accept the fine, or sacrifice her morals and let Dick help her cover it up?

Memorable Moments:

  • Constance being challenged to learn “numbers” and being disgusted about
    being in her 40s.
  • Candi and Dick’s “sexy” dances
  • Gina’s Steps routine to ‘Tragedy’ and the ensemble reprise in the finale

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