Episode 21.4: ‘In Safe Hands’

At the hospital, Gina and Dick have arrived to check on Candi’s condition. Gina resigns herself to taking the blame for the accident and starts to embrace her criminal side. Candi looks to be in a terrible state, but it turns out it’s just her normal face. AJ arrives soon after with her special cushion, but Candi can’t keep up the pretense: she later admits to Dick and AJ that she’d been pretending to be injured so that Gina would be fined, and her and Dick could continue being criminals! AJ promises to help Candi cover up the secret from Gina.

Constance is furious that Debita is on the Newtown Rich List. She goes over to Debita’s inherited mansion, and while she is there, Gina secretly steals a Picasso to add to her tally of swag that she’s been taking from other residents around town. Behind the painting is a safe that neither Debita nor Constance has seen before, though Debita remembers being told the code to it.

Meanwhile, Fred tries to help Debita become more assertive and takes her up to Lyle Hill and hypnotises her to be more self-confident and aggressive. It’s successful, and Debita convinces Fred to help retrieve her painting from Newtown’s thief. Constance discovers that Gina and Dick are storing the stolen goods at the pub and blackmails them to steal the contents of Debita’s safe, as she is still fuming about the Rich List. As they’re casing the joint, they’re forced to hide as Fred and Debita arrive for a stakeout. Fred notices
a loose panel and it turns out to contain a stack of money and a diamond! They put it all in the safe and when Dick and Gina try to open it, they are caught in the act just as AJ, Candi and Constance all arrive at the mansion. Gina learns that the Johnsons have been manipulating her and kicks Candi out
the house and tells Dick to go and live in her caravan!

Will Gina end up going to prison?
What else is in Debita’s safe?
What’s next for the criminal Johnsons?

Memorable Moments:

  • Dick’s translation of Candi’s mumbling in hospital
  •  AJ and Fred’s game of Warhammer
  • Gina shuffling around the floor and under the sofa during the stakeout
  • Constance disappointed when she realises no-one had stolen her family portraits

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