Episode 21.5: ‘Come, Raynor Schein!’

Gina has been handed community service for the burglaries she committed, but after a cuppa at the Sky Cafe with Debita, she convinces the herbalist to do the community service on her behalf – cleaning up the town’s sewer gates which feed straight into Newtown Pond.

Candi arrives at Constance’s to beg for a place to stay after being kicked out of Gina’s, but Constance behaves inappropriately and Candi leaves in disgust. Alone again (partner Simpkins is away), Constance dreams of getting fitter by using her walking machine, but her leg gets trapped! Later, Candi returns to Constance’s and finds her trapped, so drugs her and holds her hostage so she can live in the penthouse.

Debita is low on self-esteem after being manipulated. AJ takes a canoe over to see her on the pond, but capsizes – and Debita saves him. AJ makes her his deputy in recognition and tells her he’ll be there whenever she needs him.

Meanwhile, mobile holistic healing therapist Raynor Schein has arrived in town and gives Dick some advice on reconciling with Gina. Gina realises she needs to be a better person and after admitting toAJ she hasn’t done the community service, decides she needs to do something she doesn’t want to do in order to make amends. At the pub, Gina and Dick have a heart-to-heart over a game of pool and realise they’re at a crossroads in their relationship…

Spotting a huge mansion, Raynor arrives to try and scam the occupant – not realising it’s Debita’s house. It turns out that Debita is the ex-wife Raynor (real name: Barry) left 6 years ago! Debita accidentally lets slip about the money in her safe, just as AJ arrives to offer help. She decides to give Barry a second chance, but spots him sneaking back into the house to steal her money – so she and AJ run in to grab him!

Is the last we’ll see of Raynor Schein / Barry?
What will become of Gina and Dick’s relationship?
Will Constance ever be able to get free?

Memorable Moments:

  • The busy pub scenes with Terry, Mark, Wayne and Gary
  • Dick demanding an apology from the “other people” on parole
  • The shocking reveal about Raynor’s relationship with Debita!

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