Episode 21.6: ‘ Constance, READY!’

Dick has gone to see Simpkins to discuss Simpk Inns Hotel as  a wedding venue for his upcoming marriage to Gina. Simpkins quotes him almost £10,000 at ‘mates’ rates’ which Gina is furious about. Simpkins offers credit, which Gina immediately accepts and makes him her maid of honour in return. Gina gets to work on designing her dream venue, nose in her phone adding things to her Pinterest board.

Constance has been stuck in her  Gladiators-esque Travelator fitness machine at home in the hotel penthouse for days, and everyone else is oblivious to her plight. Simpkins finally notices but doesn’t want to get his new white gloves dirty, so sends Dick round to help her. After looking at the Travelator, Dick realises pressing the button to try and spit her out has a 50/50 chance of sucking her in entirely. 

Meanwhile, Debita has been back helping out at the pub. When Simpkins shows her his gloves, she has a clown-based flashback to her childhood, and rushes off to her safe space on Lyle Hill. When Gina sees the gloves a bit later, she fires Simpkins as her maid of honour and starts a game of ‘silly buggers’ in which Simpkins sneaks in a kiss. Whilst heading to the penthouse, SImpkins questions Gina about why she is getting married. When they arrive and see what the state Constance is in, Gina is incredulous that Simpkins would leave the love of his life in peril. In the interim, Dick has gone to Lyle Hill to calm down Debita before driving them both over to Constance’s. Dick, Gina, Simpkins and Debita discuss how to help Constance, but ultimately it’s down to Simpkins to decide whether to press the button that could save… or kill her. Gina says if she survives, she can be her maid of honour. Constance demands Simpkins to tell her if he really loves her. He says he has always loved her… and presses the button!

Will Constance survive the Travelator or will her final words of “Oh f**king hell!” be worthy of the record books?

Will Debita’s fear of clowns come back to haunt her?

Is Gina developing a phone addiction?

Memorable Moments

  • Dick ordering, in the best Italian restaurant in Little Italy, a pink leopard print pizza with a long aisle and three tiers for Gina
  • The selfie in Constance’s penthouse as she is in bits as the residents discuss her life-or-death decision
  • Debita’s admission that she’d never been in a car before


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