Episode 21.7: ‘The Finger of Suspicion’

Candi is still squatting in Constance’s huge penthouse and has invited AJ over to make the most of the facilities. They discover her walk-in fridge. which Candi enters and discovers… a human finger! Disturbed by the find, AJ takes a second look in the fridge and finds a human ear!

Dick and Gina have gone to collect Constance from hospital; after her accident on her running machine, Constance has developed a phobia of machinery and electrics. They get her into Dick’s electric Jag but calm her down during the journey by singing a song about a horse and cart. After getting settled in the apartment, Gina and Constance discuss the maid of honour speech, but it doesn’t go down well. Gina runs into Candi and, despite their previous arguments, they reconcile – so Gina decides to make Candi her maid of honour instead.

Meanwhile, Dick arrives in the middle of Candi and AJ’s investigation. After analysing the finger and the fridge contents, he determines that it belongs to a lady who wore sea breeze nail varnish and used a fountain pen, on a single day in 2020 – October 16th. The disappearance of only one resident that day matches that description: one-time bookshop owner and big-time liar and breaker of hearts, Eliza Thornfield!

AJ, Dick, Candi and Gina confront Constance but she tricks all of them into doing tasks for her before she tells them – like cutting her some cake, moving a step ladder, and getting a vial out of a drawer. She admits that she tricked Eliza into using her Travelator and got it to suck her in, but it didn’t kill her so she gave her deadly nightshade before slicing up the rest of her! Constance said she did it for the town, since Eliza would have ruined them all – and now they MUST keep her secret, since their fingerprints are all over the murder weapons!

Will Constance’s secret be safe?

Will Candi make a good maid of honour? 

Does Dick have a future as a detective? 

Memorable moments:

  • Gina and Dick repeatedly forgetting Constance’s surname
  • Dick’s incredible sleuthing dating the body parts and identifying their previous owner
  • Constance’s horse and cart song

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