Episode 21.9: ‘In Sickness and in Health’

It’s Dick and Gina’s wedding day. As Gina gets ready in the morning in Debita’s mansion, Constance tries to sew the seeds of potentially fatal accidents that could befall Debita, which sends Gina into paranoia about her own possible death. Elsewhere in the mansion, AJ and Debita are setting up the decorations but the romantic tension between them keeps on building, while a thunderstorm is brewing over Newtown.

Dick convinces Candi to come to the wedding, but Candi only agrees so she can walk Gina down the aisle and also secretly work with Constance – who poisons Debita’s herbal tea next to the punch bowl meant for wedding guests.

In the meantime, outside, AJ walks Gina across the grounds in the middle of the storm with an umbrella. Gina stays dry but gets cold, so has a cup of herbal tea to warm up fifteen minutes before the ceremony! However, Constance has accidentally put the poison in the wrong bowl, so while Gina (and Debita) are safe, the guests might not be…As Gina walks down the aisle, Constance and Candi knock the punch out of the hands of most of the guests and drag away the bodies of the ones that have already drunk it.

At the altar, AJ is left with a choice – does he go and stand with Debita on the bride’s side, or with Candi on the groom’s side? He hears statements from both ladies and chooses… Debita!

At the reception, telegrams are read out from Fred, Dick’s brother and mum (Harold and Beryl), and a card from Candi in which she begs AJ not to leave her for Debita. He gives his best man speech, but is interrupted by a drunken Candi who tells him that she has deliberately had some of the poisoned punch! As they wait for an ambulance, Candi learns that Debita wasn’t actually seducing AJ on the best man camping trip as she had mistakenly thought, but saving his life! Realising her mistake, she decides she wants to live – but the only thing that can counteract deadly nightshade are the E numbers in blue Smarties. Gina rushes to extract them from an Easter egg using the juicer she got as
a wedding present, while in the middle of the mayhem AJ and Debita can deny their feelings no longer and kiss!

Will Candi be saved in time?

Will AJ and Debita’s romance last?

How many people has Constance killed?

And where will Gina and Dick go on their honeymoon?

Find out in Season 22 – starting on September 13th !

Memorable moments:

  • The panic covering up the collapsed guests as Gina walks down the aisle
  • AJ immediately turning to Debita after Candi’s moving, heartfelt speech and saying “OK, what about you?”
  • Candi and AJ taking separate turns demolishing the cake in sadness

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