Episode 22.4: ‘Treehouse of Horror V (Halloween Special)’

Five ghostly tales, the titles provided by our audience and acted out by spooky Newtown residents.

Beware, Beware: There’s a Leg Over There
Gina needs a new leg for her table lamp. What better way to fix it than replace it by hacking off actual legs from Fred and Candi?

Constance, Gina and Debita all compete to be the greatest undead drag queen, overseen by the fabulous Simpkins and his hideous assistant AJ. One lip sync to Devil Woman later and while the other two sashay away, Constance is chosen to stay as the eternal bride!

Driving a Cement Mixer
Candi needs her NVQ in construction and one of her guest professors is a member of the occult. But
which? Constance hasn’t been DBS-checked, AJ is a huge misogynist and Simpkins only faces the
wall. It turns out that all three are evil and Candi is the perfect  new recruit for their cult.

The Walking Fred
Awakening from a coma after 13 years, Fred is told by nurses Debita and Gina of the time a virus escaped from a laboratory and turned people into zombies. Fred escaped, but the nurses didn’t…and now they want to finish the job.

The Hills Tell Lies
Constance’s nanny has left and she’s got to look after her children Ebenezer and Lambrini. She takes them to a haunted hill where the trees demand a sacrifice. But it turns out that the kids planned the trip all along, and mummy is the one who won’t be returning home…


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