Episode 22.5: ‘Winnie Takes It All’

Candi is back in town and determined to get over AJ. She is feeling aimless so Dick decides to get her a job at the pub. This involves firing Debita, which Gina takes issue with – she is fed up with Dick not consulting her or pulling his emotional weight in their relationship. Gina tells Candi and Debita that they can work together.

Meanwhile, visiting couple Winnie Fingle and Henry Sweetman have broken down by the park and, after taking a wrong turn, Winnie gets stuck in quicksand! Henry rushes off to find help and runs into Constance who learns she knew him at Oxford. She takes him back to her penthouse, abandoning
Winnie. Fortunately, Debita’s mansion backs onto the park, and AJ (who has just moved in) hears Winnie’s screams and rescues her.

Dick, out for a walk, comes across Henry’s car. Finding some ID, he realises he also knows Henry… as a notorious conman! At the mansion, Winnie has wormed her way into AJ’s affections in order to steal a portable safe and Debita’s jewellery. Henry is simultaneously conning Constance out of her
money and belongings at the penthouse. The couple try to escape with the goods, but are intercepted by Dick and Candi and in an attempt to flee end up back in the quicksand! Dick and Candi later save Constance’s feelings by lying about Henry, giving her back her things and telling her that he told them he loved her but had to go. Later, back at the pub, Gina’s had enough of Dick shirking his responsibilities and tells Debita that if he doesn’t
buck his ideas up, she’s going to leave him…

Is the last we’ll see of Winnie and Henry?

Will Gina make good on her ultimatum?

And will Newtown Council send someone over to sort out the quicksand?

Memorable Moments

  • Candi and Debita being overly polite to each other on the job
  • Constance’s name at Oxford: Constance ‘Anything Goes’ Sugar
  • The recurring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer jokes
  • The recurring Cold War theme between Candi and Debita

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