Episode 23.2: ‘Four in a Bed: The Facon It Special’

Storm Barry is approaching Newtown, and Gina and Dick’s power has gone out at the pub. Luckily, AJ invites them to stay at Debita’s mansion and offers to cook for them. Gina is absolutely starving as she’s not been able to use the oven all day. However, Debita tells AJ that it is a vegan household and makes him throw out the sausages he was cooking. After hearing the news, Gina’s hunger drives her to go into the garden and find and eat Fluffy, Debita’s pet bunny! 

Meanwhile, Dick is telling AJ about Four in a Bed, a show where a couple stay at another couple’s house before giving them an amount of money they think the stay was worth. AJ is keen to make Dick and Gina’s time as nice as possible, even though Debita’s increasingly bizarre behaviour is making the house dirty and untidy. Dick scours the kitchen fridge and find a pack of bacon which Gina cooks on the radiator in their bedroom – but they realise that must mean either Debita is a vegan hypocrite, or AJ is secretly hiding meat from her. They decide to quiz both of them separately over the course of the evening, and Dick manages to get Debita to admit the bacon was hers! She says that she doesn’t eat it though, she only inhales it – but when Debita finds Gina in the kitchen later and smells the bacon on her, she kisses Gina in a crazed frenzy and bites off a bit of Gina’s tongue…

Later, during a game of charades, a traumatised Gina reveals what happened. AJ is devastated and says that although he can forgive the meat inhalation, Debita “kissing” Gina was a betrayal… The next morning, Gina and Dick check out and say farewell to a now normal Debita. She finds an envelope on the table, thinking it might be money from the pair for their stay – but it turns out to be a note from AJ, telling her that he thought she was faking her love for him the whole time, and has taken a one-way ticket out of Newtown…

 Where will AJ end up? Can his relationship with Debita be saved? And how much did Gina and Dick really think the overnight stay was worth? 

Memorable Moments

  • AJ: “She ate your pet rabbit raw? Poor little Raw.”
  • Dick talking seductively to the fridge and the cocktail cabinet.
  • AJ’s homemade salad dressing: creamy, high in fat and very tasty
  • The meta game of charades between Dick and Gina, and AJ and Debita


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