Episode 23.3: ‘At least you have your health…and safety’

Lady Saffron is desperate for money and approaches Debita offering her services as a housekeeper. Debita, however, is missing AJ and needs to find someone who knows AJ to console her. She goes to find AJ’s other ex – Candi Johnson.

Candi meanwhile is desperate for a change and is not pulling her weight in the pub. Meeting with Debita brings back all her feelings for AJ and she’s convinced she’s still in love with him.

Dick and Gina are visited in the pub by a health inspector. They need to improve their hygiene rating or they will be closed. Fortunately, Saffron arrives and they offer her a job. Saffron starts the enormous job of cleaning the filthy kitchen, whilst Dick sits an online Level 1 Health and Hygiene exam.

Candi tries to persuade Gina to help her by warning Debita off AJ. Gina realises however that Candi just thinks she loves AJ and needs to get over him. Angry, thinking Gina won’t take her side, Candi announces she’s leaving home.

Dick manages to pass the Health and Hygiene exam and Saffron has made an amazing job of the kitchen. She uses the oven for the first time and cooks an incredible meal. It turns out Saffron is an amazing chef!

Candi decides that it’s time to leave all home comforts aside. She now has a purpose, she’s going to go to Silicon Valley and become a tech billionaire!

Will Debita reunite with AJ?
Will Saffron’s cooking skills transform the pub?
Will Candi become the next Steve Jobs?

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