Episode 23.4: ‘Aw, shucks! A Valentine’s Special’

AJ has left Newtown to rediscover himself in Teignmouth and mend his broken heart. Coincidentally, Constance is on a spa break in the town and she invites him along to try out the sauna, steam room and mud bath as well as encouraging him to get naked. AJ realises he needs to stop running away from his problems and come back to Newtown. Constance also assures him that she who could not be named for AJ’s heartbreak reasons (Debita Webra) was out of town.  A new friendship blossoms between the pair.

In the kitchen, Big Dick has been sampling Lady Saffron’s new Valentine’s tasting menu ahead of a big opening ‘gastro pub’ night. Impressed, he invites Anthony Pewell (who has returned to the town for a few weeks) to try it, and there’s a hint of a romantic spark between him and Saffron. However, there is a supplier issue – and since Dick has eaten everything, there’s no food to offer guests. Saffron says the suppliers want money upfront as the pub is considered ‘well dodgy’.

Meanwhile, Candi has gone to the council for a business grant and meets Geraldine Davis who is starting her first day and is keen to impress. Candi talks her into offering an initial £250,000 to fund her tech startup and, after realising Geraldine likes a drink, invites her to the pub to carry on the meeting. Gina is unimpressed but helps to get the councillor drunk. Eventually, Geraldine agrees to give Candi an even bigger amount!

With customers queueing for the evening opening at the pub, Dick is in dire need of cash. A triumphant Candi swaggers in telling Dick and Gina that she has negotiated a deal from the council just for herself – and when Dick asks how much, he is gobsmacked to learn that she’s been given £1 million…

Will Candi help out her family? Is love on the horizon for Anthony and Saffron? And will Geraldine still have a job after an eventful first day? 

Memorable Moments

  • Dick’s incredulity at oysters being shucked
  • AJ consensually showing his “bits”
  • The confusion about the lyrics to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 

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