Episode 23.5: ‘Damn your eyes!’

Anthony has returned to his Newtown mansion, where his ex-girlfriend Debita has been staying for the last few months. Debita, too, has been out of town trying to get over her recent split from AJ. But when she finds Anthony back at her house and she stares into his icy blue eyes, passions erupt once more. Unbeknownst to either of them, AJ is regretting his decision to split up with Debita and takes a second letter over to the mansion asking for a second chance. Constance – who has been spying on Anthony’s bedroom from a ladder and loves stirring up trouble – encourages AJ to let
himself into the house and personally deliver it.

Meanwhile, Jay Rayner’s review for Just Gina’s food is in: 4.5 stars out of 5! Gina and Dick have visions of buying up multiple pubs in the area and turning them around. Saffron estimates that it’d
take £250,000 to get the current pub into a state where they can serve the highest quality food and improve the décor. Candi decides to give her aunt and uncle the full million-pound loan she received from the council to buy a second pub, but tells them she wants a return on her investment.

AJ confronts Anthony and Debita in the mansion’s upstairs orangery. He claims Debita cheated on him and needs to choose a partner. Debita says that they were on a break and enlists Constance to help adjudicate as both men plead their case. In the end, Debita chooses…herself! She has grown as a person and doesn’t need validation from either man. Disappointed, Anthony decides to fly back to the USA, and AJ, bereft, says he will jump on a plane for the USA too.

In the interim, Candi has had a call from the council. They either want to see a business plan for the loan she received, or for her to return the £1 million – or she could go to jail. But over at the pub,
Gina announces some big news: she’s spent all of the money on a second pub!

What will happen to Candi?

Is Gina’s new business dead in the water?

And how will AJ handle this latest rejection?

Memorable Moments:

  • Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer: AJ’s mating song.
  • Gina trying to work out what “ironic décor” means.
  • AJ confusing Debita’s hand with Anthony’s: “I’m the owner of the hand that just coaxed your member to tumescence.”

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