Episode 23.6: ‘Who let the dogs out?’

Constance has gone to Newtown Council to find out why Geraldine signed off a million-pound loan and more importantly, to make her get it back. She tells Geraldine that if she doesn’t have a good business plan, both she and Candi could go to prison!

Elsewhere, AJ is moping around after Debita and decides to unleash his “inner party beast”, sending him to a frenzy. Debita calms him down and tries to get him to open up, to no avail. Simpkins is back in town after time apart from Constance and wants to give things another try, despite Fred trying to hit on her.

Meanwhile, Gina has bought a second pub in cash, from an out-of-town mobster called Big Sid, and has named it Just Another Gina’s. Debita envisions it being a vegan pub with yoga and absolutely no tech allowed inside. Unfortunately, Candi needs to create a ton of apps for the new pub to justify the loan which was invested in “youth and tech” and Lady Saffron, the chef at the original pub, only has the skills to cook meat.

After a board meeting, it turns out that Constance has been funding the council for some time, and the business loan was actually money she’d lent them! When the truth comes out that Candi needs to stay out of jail, Gina tries to get the money back off Big Sid – but he has tragically died in a dog-fighting accident in the interim. AJ and Geraldine arrive at Just Gina’s to claim both pubs in lieu of the debt, but Big Dick locks the doors to allow Gina and Candi to escape out of the window – and then releases some pitbulls into the pub! 

What will become of Just Gina’s? Will AJ and Geraldine escape the dogs? And will Candi end up in prison? 

Memorable Moments

  • Dick commenting on Fred’s “cool” way of sitting on a chair: “From this angle, it looks like your genitals are in prison”.
  •  The different jingles for Just Another Gina’s, all involving 2 pitbulls fighting in a car park.
  • Simpkins constantly translating what other people are saying

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