Episode 23.7: ‘Like a bulldozer in a china shop”

Candi is in dire straits. AJ Shaw has said that he will bulldoze both of the Johnsons’ pubs and turn them into a car park if she doesn’t return the million pounds the council (and specifically Constance) loaned her. Constance Sugar approves of this plan, especially as it will bring in lots of money in parking fees.

Candi wants Geraldine to stand up to Constance and argue against the car park plan but Geraldine is too scared of Constance and wants to keep her job. However, later Geraldine is inspired by Candi and how cool she is when she chains herself to the pub – and chains herself to the pub too. AJ mans the bulldozer himself, but his rabid enthusiasm for demolition is all because he cannot stop thinking about ex Debita and is trying to distract himself. Debita is having visions of AJ and realises she is thinking about him too. She is fed up with being beholden to her exes and decides she needs to break from the past and sell the £2 million mansion that she was left by an old flame. 

Elsewhere, Fred has arranged to go on a date with Lady Saffron, who has been staying at Sugar Towers. On the way to the date, Constance asks best friend Saffron to drop off a package of goodies (including sweets and Gentleman’s Relish) to Simpkins to try and woo him back. Fred mistakenly thinks that Saffron is giving him the gifts and keeps the relish. He reads a generic love note Constance taped to it for Simpkins and thinks Constance – who Fred occasionally sleeps with – has feelings for him. Fred goes to see her and passions erupt. But when the mistake is revealed, Constance is furious, thinking that Saffron is trying to steal Simpkins. She goes to Simpkins’ yacht, berates Lady Saffron, dumps Simpkins and tells him she’s keeping the hotel!

Back at the pub, Debita suddenly appears to stop AJ causing any more damage, AJ  loses control of the vehicle and when he gets out, Candi tells him that he’s run over Debita and chewed her up in the vehicle and that she is now dead! A devastated AJ is left by Candi to deal with the consequences of his actions…

What does this mean for the pub? What will become of Simpkins’ business? And will Fred and Constance soon become an item?

Memorable Moments

  • Simpkins teaching Fred how to enter a room without looking like a fool in front of imaginary people. 
  • Saffron and Simpkins rating things on different scales, including 80s Ford cars and Abba hits. 
  • Constance’s comment to Fred to make Simpkins jealous: “You’re my matador, I’m your bull, we’re going to turn me into burgers!”

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