Episode 23.8: ‘Ouija marry me?’

AJ Shaw is in pieces, believing he has killed his ex Debita Webra, the woman he still loves. Constance Sugar tries to calm him and also manages to get him to say he will take the rap for the decision to turn the centre of Newtown into a car park – as it is a very unpopular decision, there are huge protests going on, and Constance is worried it will thwart her future political career. They wait for news from the investigaotrs looking through the bulldozer’s parts to see if Debita really is completely dead and mangled.

Meanwhile, Geraldine Davis is trying to do the right thing and has chained herself to the ancient old oak tree to stop it being bulldozed. And Simpkins is wondering how he can get his hotel back from Constance, who has split up with him and said she is keeping the hotel because she is upset at him for going off to Micronesia for months and not coming to see her when he got back. And we finally see Debita! She fell down a hole right next to the bulldozer, she banged her head but she is most definitely alive! She has, however, forgotten who she is and everything that happened. Simpkins uses this to his advantage when he discovers her and her amnesia, and tells her she is Constance and she just needs to sign some papers at the bank…

At the hotel, AJ and Constance use a Ouija board to try to connect with Debita. Constance is a sceptic until she and AJ hear Debita’s voice (SImpkins has brought Debita to a room nearby to get her to look more formal and Constance-like l for the bank)! When Constance hears Simpkins’ voice too she assumes he must be dead as well, that he killed himself for love of her!

Despite bumping into Geraldine, who recognises Debita for who she really is, the papers get signed and the hotel belongs to Simpkins once more! Once AJ and Constance realise that everyone is not a ghost, Constance discovers the plot and blames everyone involved, including Geraldine who she thinks was part of it all and vows to kill her. AJ takes some gum that he had put in a shrine to Debita, twists it into a ring shape and goes down one one knee and asks Debita to marry him!

Will Debita fully get her memory back?

What will her decision be about marrying AJ?

Will Geraldine escape Constance’s murderous clutches?

And what next for the bitter fall-out from Constance’s and Simpkins’ split?

Memorable Moments:

  • AJ and Constance going Ghostbusters-style in their hunt for ghosts
  • Simpkins leaping on Debita’s amnesia to get his hotel back
  • Our Musical Director, Jack Drewry, being Show Editor for the every first time and smashing it!

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