Episode 23.9: ‘If the shoe fits…’

After being kicked out of the hotel by Simpkins, Constance goes to Just Gina’s and demands they hand over the keys to the pub. Big Dick calls her bluff and says she hasn’t got what it takes to run the place – Dick and Candi arrange for a couple of biker gangs to come over as well as a journalist from the Newtown Mail. Lady Saffron, who has fallen out with Constance, decides to stand up to her and makes her help with cooking in the kitchen, as well as swapping clothes and shoes to reverse the power dynamic. The food goes wrong though, and the kitchen catches fire, trapping them both in the smoke. Facing potential death, Constance takes back her high heels from Lady Saffron, causing her to become confident enough to rescue both of them!  

Meanwhile, Debita is still trying to recover her memories after the accident but remembers that she had planned to give her £2.5 million mansion to someone. With the Johnsons still owing the council (and specifically Constance) a million pounds, Gina and Dick take Debita to the Sky Café and make a pitch. However, Candi later takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Debita, stashing her in the basement of Just Another Gina’s until she agrees to hand over the mansion. The problem is the basement used to be an aquarium and it regularly floods… 

Elsewhere, AJ is still waiting for a response from Debita about his proposal. He shows Geraldine (who is recovering from a light stabbing from Constance) his grandmother’s ring, and she mentions no-one will ever propose to her. AJ spontaneously proposes to Geraldine but calls her “Debita” – and Geraldine accepts anyway! But when AJ spots Just Another Gina’s flooding and Debita in trouble, he ditches Geraldine to rescue her. A grateful Debita thinks she is going to accept AJ’s proposal, but when she learns he is engaged to Geraldine, both women decide to turn him down! With Candi facing prison, she asks AJ to be her parole officer in exchange for helping him to win back Debita, and he accepts. 

Back at Just Gina’s, Constance’s tenure has been a disaster. She decides to hand back the pub and focus on her new career: becoming Newtown’s MP!

Will the pubs survive their respective disasters? How will Constance’s election campaign go? And will AJ ever end up with a fiancée?

Memorable Moments

  • Dick being in the Newtown Mail 6 times for different crimes
  • Gina acting as a northern interpreter for Debita
  • The high stakes swapping of high heels for wellies in the heat of a kitchen fire

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