Episode 24.1: ‘The Newtown People’s Party’

Having learned that Constance plans to run as an MP, Candi and Big Dick Johnson decide to nominate Candi as a rival candidate and put posters up for their newly formed Newtown People’s Party. Geraldine thinks having a slightly criminal candidate will make things more interesting for the election, but AJ puts his foot down and tells her that they cannot be trusted.

At the hotel, Simpkins and Constance are discussing her election chances but unbeknownst to Constance, Simpkins plans to use her potential success to further his own ends… He has also hired Geraldine’s sister Dotty Davis as a receptionist after meeting her at a convention. She is proving to be a workaholic – and so efficient that she hasn’t had a break for days. When Candi learns this, she reports him to the council and Geraldine gets Simpkins’ licence suspended. However, Simpkins has a plan: he hands over the running of the hotel to Dotty and he becomes a mere employee! Geraldine is furious as she has a hatred for her sister going back to when they were children…

Elsewhere, Gina is having a personal crisis. She thinks her best days are behind her and she wants to start spicing up her life so her and Dick decide to role play as an Italian couple (Gino and Ginelli) to get them back in the mood. Meanwhile, Fred has had some bad news – his plan to leave Newtown to work at Kenco International has fallen through. Constance learns this and recruits him as her social media manager to promote her election bid in a ‘Cash for Tweets’ agreement. 

The Johnsons’ door-knocking and threatening of residents has been going well – until Candi learns that their names have not been put on the ballot paper. She knows it can only be one person standing in their way: her ex-boyfriend AJ Shaw!

Will the Johnsons manage to get registered for the election? Will Geraldine and Dotty ever reconcile? And what will become of Simpkins now he can no longer run his own hotel?

Memorable Moments

  • Dotty discussing Constance’s unpopularity with Simpkins: “I don’t think she is lonely: she had a threesome last week.”
  • AJ’s rant about council bureaucracy
  • Candi Johnson’s election motto: “She cares about you.”
  • Constance’s election motto: “She cares about you and cares that nobody cares about you and she will make them care, because she cares.”

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