Episode 24.3: ‘Well well well, poor Geraldine!’

Fred is going round town visiting shops to buy various things he pointedly says his girlfriend, Suzi Shlovely (a former flame he was reunited with on a recent Mediterranean cruise) wishes him to have. Since stopping receiving cash in exchange for favourable tweets for Constance Sugar’s campaign to become MP, Fred is short of funds and is helped to buy the things he and Suzi want by Debita Webra. Anti-capitalist Debita has recently sold the two million pound mansion gifted to her that she never settled in, and is trying to get rid of the money any way she can.

Gina Pitts has invited council worker Geraldine Davis over for drinks, also encouraging the usually straight-laced Geraldine to take some ketamine. Geraldine has a marvellous time and later goes off to tell fellow council worker, AJ Shaw, who is always telling her to let her hair down. Geraldine finds him at one of the polling stations at the church, she accidentally falls down a well and AJ and Debita have to work hard to get her up from the depths, mostly using AJ’s clothing. When she does eventually tell AJ he is not pleased at all and actually fires her from the council!

Meanwhile, Dottie Davis has been put in charge of Simpkins’ hotel. Dottie finds that after some vandalism and general wear and tear she needs to replace a lot of the hotel’s windows. She does not have the time or the budget to come up with a better solution and, once encouraged by Gina Pitts, goes around town surreptitiously stealing windows to take to the hotel.

During the race to be elected as Newton’s MP, candidates Candi Johnson and Constance Sugar are finding themselves with strong feelings for each other. Candi has been racked with guilt about keeping their affair secret, nearly quitting the race – Constance is finding it titillating and persuades Candi to stay in. But when the results are read out that night, there is only one ballot paper, and that has been spoilt! Later, after a serious conversation with Fred, who tells her some home truths, Constance realises she may well have to choose between love and power.

Gina has taken Dottie Davis to Las Iguanas for some food and drink, Geraldine Davis arrives and is furious to find her sister there – cosying up to the woman who had caused her to lose her job! Candi turns up, letting them know that an ancient Newtown bylaw has been enacted which means they shall both go to Parliament, as joint MPs! This news cannot sidetrack Geraldine, who is so upset with Gina and sister Dottie that she storms off…and falls out of a windowless window!

Will Geraldine have survived the fall??

If so, will her relationship with her sister Dottie have survived the fall??

Will Candi Johnson and Constance Sugar make great colleagues, lovers and advocates for Newtown or will they take Newtown down with them in a fiery inferno???

Memorable Moments:

  • Fred’s visiting of shops all over Newtown; Newtown Garden Centre, B&M, Pets at Home, British Cancer Research charity shop (furniture division)
  • Debita and AJ tying together articles of clothing to throw down to Geraldine in the well
  • Candi and Constance falling in lurrrrve!


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