Episode 24.4: ‘Window of opportunity’

With Geraldine fired from the council, AJ enlists Fred as an office manager to help with the workload. Geraldine has luckily made a recovery after a few weeks in hospital after falling from a window that (unbeknownst to her) her sister Dotty removed. When Dotty admits to Fred that she was responsible, Fred plans to report her to the council – but Gina threatens him to keep quiet. Asnew hotel manager, Geraldine asks Dotty for a job as a receptionist and Dotty’s guilt makes her accept.

Candi’s maiden speech as a joint MP is a massive success. This causes Constance to doubt her own abilities – and she ends up causing a diplomatic incident. This plays into Gina and Simpkins’ hands as they think that Candi and Constance’s new relationship is not in either of their best interests, so
decide to work together to make them break up with each other… but in a nice way.

Back at the council, Fred discovers that the government is being run ineptly and sees it as an opportunity to try and blackmail AJ and Dotty on health and safety matters at their respective workplaces so he can get enough cash together to afford to visit his girlfriend Suzie, who is cruising the Med. After supposedly having a change of heart and apologising to Dotty, he tricks her into looking for his wallet in the hotel – and when she leaves, he empties the hotel cash register!

Meanwhile, Candi and Constance break up but the aftermath takes its toll on on them both. Candi gets in a rage, she decides that it’s all Constance’s fault for breaking her heart and storms up to the penthouse. When she gets there, she discovers that Simpkins has ordered champagne and is comforting Constance – and in a fit of jealousy, she pushes Simpkins towards an open window as Constance screams…

Did Simpkins actually get pushed out of the penthouse window?

Has Fred embarked on a life of

And what will become of the two Newtown MPs now that they are both heartbroken?

Memorable moments:

  • Geraldine attempting to look welcoming as the hotel receptionist
  • Candi and Constance’s break-up scene about how fit they both are
  • Dotty presenting Geraldine with an unconscious cat, Toodles, as a present in hospital

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