Episode 24.5: ‘Which witch is witch?’

Constance has decided to take the blame for Candi pushing Simpkins out of a hotel window, which was luckily cut short by him landing on the ledge of the floor below. Simpkins uses this as an opportunity to tell Constance that she needs to get rid of Candi and come back to him. 

At the pub, Saffron has made jugged hare for Gina, who after looking at the ingredients, decides that Saffron must be a witch. Geraldine eats it and falls ill, and Gina tells Saffron she is going to lock her in the upstairs flat until she decides how to handle her. When Dick runs into local Latin DJ Maria in the park and learns how to dance, he repeats this in front of Gina – confirming that Saffron must have bewitched him and Geraldine. After confronting Geraldine, she names Constance as another witch. This sends them on a witch hunt that ends when they learn witches aren’t actually real.

Meanwhile, in isolation, Saffron is getting broody. Constance sees this as an opportunity to point her in Simpkins’ direction as he has taken a shine to her previously. If things go well, Saffron can have a baby which also get him off Constance’s back – so Constance helps her escape the flat. Back in the park, Maria has been teaching Simpkins how to channel his energy into a bull-like state, so when Saffron encounters him and asks him if he’d be interested in “filling her with babies”, he agrees. However, when they go back to his apartment, all he can manage is a hug. 

Dick and Gina are discussing Saffron’s need for a baby and Gina asks Dick if he wants another one – Gina can’t give him one, but she is happy for him to have one with Saffron if that’s what they both want. She goes to see Saffron at the same time as Simpkins, who has decided to offer himself as a potential father as well. When Gina asks her who she wants to be the father of her future child out of Dick and Simpkins she says… both!

How will Lady Saffron’s baby logistics take shape? Will Gina be able to cope if Dick has another baby? And will Just Gina’s ever get “normal” food on the menu?

Memorable moments:

  • Geraldine, Gina and Dick looking up witch books at the library.
  • Maria making people dance to Latin music
  • Simpkins and Constance’s heart to heart about their desires.

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