About Closer Each Day


Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera is the longest improvised narrative in the world. It is set in the fictional town of Newtown, whose inhabitants’ lives we follow from episode to episode – the storylines building from the characters, their relationships and what has happened previously. It is as watchable for those seeing it for the first time as for our die-hard fans. It began in 2011 and has played fortnightly for over 115 episodes. It is one of the few serialised theatre shows in the world and the only one in the UK. We want the big emotions and the personal storylines of a soap, with the exciting freedom improvisation can give you. We are not afraid of launching off without a safety net, we know we shall end up somewhere both unexpected and unbelievably funny.


‘Funny, inventive, fast-paced and sparkling. Loved it!’David Lloyd, BBC screenwriter (Doctors, EastEnders)
‘Quick-witted, very watchable ensemble, razor-sharp in timing and delivery.’★★★★ Stage Talk
‘So consistently gripping it‘s incredible to think it‘s created off the cuff!’Visit Bristol
‘Moments of creative genius, splendid on the spot wit and comic timing, stemming from the whole cast’Bristol Prospectus
‘The plot is absorbing…and the acting from the cast is spot on…and there are plenty of moments of genuine comedy.’Public Reviews
‘“Touching.” “Inspiring.” “Hilarious.”’Audience surveys 2017
‘Like a visit to Narnia: Unpredictable, but ultimately enchanting.’Bristol 24/7
‘I had aching cheeks from uncontrollable laughter.’Inter:Mission


The Closer Each Day Company has been running since the birth of the soap, but has been an official entity since 2016. We are a company of performers and theatre-makers, all involved in various ways in theatre and music in Bristol and beyond. Besides our main show, the fortnightly soap at The Wardrobe Theatre, we put on standalone improvised theatre shows in a variety of venues (to date; The Bristol Improv Theatre, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, the Cube Cinema, Avonvale Cemetery, The Tobacco Factory, among others). We workshop at least fortnightly and bring in international teachers to work with us and inspire us to go bigger and better all the time.


Kristmas with the Kringles. Hilarious late-night festive fun, every Yuletide at the Wardrobe Theatre. America’s favourite television family films their Christmas Special, packed with improvised games and songs, but everything does not go quite to plan. We enjoy mashing up what is called short-form improvisation, the games and scenes the Kringles do on-air, with what is called long-form improv, in this case the backstage dramas that happen when the Kringles are off-air.

“With brilliant acting and a festive atmosphere, this show is a great – and budget-friendly – choice for a night of authentic, improvised comedy.”
★★★★ The Reviews Hub

The Bristol Improv Marathon.  We are part of a team, including The Bristol Improv Theatre (who host it) and Degrees of Error, who put this crazy 26 hour rollercoaster ride of a show on every year; Closer Each Day Company casts it and drives it artistically. It is a wonderful thing to be part of and we have even had a few people stick around to watch the whole thing too! The idea is that you break through the wall, to a place where you are running on pure instinct – there is no way you can even attempt to plan anything because of the sheer exhaustion mixed with an adrenaline that keeps you going. Ridiculous fun and we always end up with a song or two that sticks in our head for the entire year.

“Extremely entertaining to watch. An impressive display of the actors’ sheer stamina and creativity.”
Stage Talk Magazine

This is Soap. In August 2017 we shall be performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time, with a relaunched version of a pre-existing show. Exciting times! This is the thing we really want to showcase at the Festival, our improvised soap style, but set in a different location and with different characters. It is set in the fictional small cathedral city of Midhampton in the middle of England, on the mixed use residential and commercial cul-de-sac of Reachday Close. We shall be doing a year’s worth of shows in just one month, so a lot is going to happen and we cannot wait to see what that is!


Closer Each Day Company also provides guaranteed good times entertainment at any kind of party or event. Would you like us to come and perform at your birthday party, your office party, your Christmas party or your anniversary bash? Would you like games and scenes that remind you of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Or a one-off soap style comedy that uses your party or any genre of drama you like for its inspiration? Alternatively, for those familiar with our regular soap, we offer spin-off shows involving a couple of the Newtown characters in a completely different location, with the rest of the cast playing different characters. To discuss these or any other ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch: lindsey@closereachday.co.uk


We love to travel! Do you run a festival somewhere in the world? Need a show and a workshop? We can do both! We have worked on some unique techniques that we could share with your attendees. Please contact: lindsey@closereachday.co.uk


We are proud to be connected to the UK’s first improv theatre, The Bristol Improv Theatre and as well as putting on the Marathon there each year, our own Lindsey Garwood MCs the monthly improv jam and our own John Lomas is integral to the planning and running of its courses. We have international teachers and experts in various fields come to work with us throughout the year, to help us grow and develop as a company – there will be opportunities to join us at some of these workshops, we can learn and play together! If you would like to know more about how you can discover improvisation, expand your horizons within it, or have a go at some of our own techniques, contact info@closereachday.co.uk or hello@improvtheatre.co.uk


We run a soap opera so we always need fresh blood! If you have acting and improvisation experience and are interested in joining us, please do get in touch – BAME applicants are specifically welcome. Email john@closereachday.co.uk


We have a successful show and wonderful fans, but we are not about to go around laurel-sitting. We are always evolving, always exploring, always open to the next adventure…