Steamed: A Dickensian Improvised Tale

After the success of our Christmas shows on Brunel’s SS Great Britain, we are back on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th May for more 19th Century-inspired drama, comedy and music hall numbers!

We have found that Charles Dickens’ writings, packed with great characters, tragedy, farce and more cliffhangers than you can shake a duck-headed cane at, are a great match for our company and our improvised soap instincts. Come and see us away from our Wardrobe Theatre home and our usual characters as we go back in time in the most perfect location.

Your ticket gives you the chance to look around the ship from 6.30pm, show starts at 7.30pm and is finished by 9.30pm. Cash only bar on board.

Do not miss out on this Steamy springtime treat, get your tickets here.

Casting call!

Closer Each Day Company are looking for experienced performers and improvisers to join them in their cult hit soap and other productions!

Please read more details here.

Interested? Know someone who would be? Available for the audition on the evening of Thursday 2nd May and the recall on Thursday 9th May? And then available every Monday evening? Want to make great theatre, learn a ton and have a lot of fun with lovely people? Send your CV to asap.

Easter Monday Special on 22nd April 2019

Ah, Easter. The time of chocolate, bunnies, fluffy little chicks, and Jesus dying on a cross and then coming back to life again. Far less confusing and much more entertaining than that mixture of Easter goodness is an Easter Special on Monday 22nd April 2019 at 7.30pm at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Put down that bunny, let the chick free, give your chocolate-saturated body a rest, do what Jesus would do and join us for sure-fire fun times!

Get your tickets here.

5th Bristol Improv Marathon, 15th – 16th March 2019

Hilarious comedy! Inspired improvisation! Ridiculous stamina! We have it all as we enter the fifth glorious year of the Bristol Improv Marathon.

For a staggering 26 hours a team of intrepid performers will create an entirely improvised, entirely unscripted play using nothing but their skill, imagination and a hefty dose of caffeine. The show brings together performers from all across the city and includes stars of hit shows such as Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera and Murder, She Didn’t Write by Degrees of Error!

“An impressive display of the actors sheer stamina and creativity. It was extremely entertaining to watch.”
Stage Talk Magazine

“Carrying the flag of improvised theatre with talent and verve.”
Bristol Theatre Review

15th Mar – 16th Mar
8pm on Friday until 10pm on Saturday, £15 All You Can Watch

Episode 17.3: Valentine’s Special, ‘Confetti your love for me’

Simpkins and Constance have a romantic Valentine’s breakfast, then Constance nonchalantly mentions to him that she is going to give AJ some lessons in love, Mrs Robinson style. However, when Constance sees AJ at his flat and sees that the card he thought was from her was actually from Candi, she realises she should do the right thing, leave AJ alone and encourage him to get romantic with Candi. Meanwhile, Simpkins is incensed and tries to shmooze Candi in revenge, she is having none of it! Later, Constance finds out and has a heart to heart with Simpkins, they have both been playing games but she loves him with all her heart.

AJ tries to pretend to Candi, when he goes to take back the card to her, that he does not care, but eventually they talk and realise they could be more than friends. It seems the Valentine Cupid has struck after all!

Over with Eliza and Reg, they are reminiscing about 1990s dance tracks featuring Bjork and Reg is feeding her chocolates and trying to be a good platonic father-to-be.

At the pub, Gina has made a trail of heart confetti to lead Fred to her and some lusty times. After a bit of that, they decide to head to that most romantic of dining establishments – that Burger King just outside of town. Gina is slightly on edge and it comes to a head in the car when she finds Fred being too blase about their relationship, which Gina thinks should be perfect – after all, someone died so they could be together!

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins’ rage at AJ for, as he sees it, trying to lure Constance into being his Mrs Robinson, and his sarcasm when AJ says he is not interested and likes Candi, “Oh, would you like to return the item??”
  • Fred being specific about what his car is, a Daewoo Matiz
  • Reg dredging up a description of the afore-mentioned 90s track featuring Bjork from his memory

Will Fred be scared off by Gina’s intensity?

Will Candi and AJ manage to do anything more intimate than some light pinky-linking?

Does Eliza want more from her baby daddy than just being her twin babies’ daddy?

Find out in Episode 17.4 on Monday 25th February 2019 at 7.30pm

Episode 17.1: ‘Come in, baby, it’s cold outside’

Candi and Reg are at the aquarium, Reg catches Candi up on all that has happened in Newtown – Pablo being shot, Big Dick being put in jail, Fred and Gina going away to sort themselves out. They decide that that was all very dramatic and interesting but they are ready to move on, though of course Reg is still father to Eliza’s unborn twins and that is rather on his mind. Later, after Candi has gone, AJ comes along and tries to help Reg realise he could be a good father. The three of them all meet up in the playground but it starts to snow…

Constance has done up a room at Simpkins’ hotel to make it more like a Love Motel, trying to attract customers in out of the snow. AJ and Candi make it through the snowstorm to the hotel and take that suite. Constance is delighted and she and Simpkins listen through the keyhole.

However, although Candi would like to have some nookie with AJ he is oblivious and they just play scrabble.

Meanwhile, Reg is alone on Lyle Hill, remembering his own terrifying butcher father.

Simpkins upsets by Constance laughing in her face when she says she is not really all about sex and perhaps they should try parenthood again, he says she is too old! She tries to make herself feel better by flirting with AJ, when Candi walks in on them she gets upset and Constance realises right away that Candi wanted more than friendship from him. She says to AJ that he needs to learn a thing or two and they kiss.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg remembering the raw meats in the butcher shop that he made friends with and talked to as a child
  • Candi and AJ having a go on the playground equipment
  • Constance’s and Simpkins’ homemade porn film

Will Reg get over his crisis of confidence and accept his new role as a soon-to-be father?

Will Candi tell AJ how she really feels?

Will Constance forgive Simpkins for calling her old?!?!

Find out at our Valentine’s Special on 11th February 2019, after our special 150th ever episode on 28th January!