Episode 24.3: ‘Well well well, poor Geraldine!’

Fred is going round town visiting shops to buy various things he pointedly says his girlfriend, Suzi Shlovely (a former flame he was reunited with on a recent Mediterranean cruise) wishes him to have. Since stopping receiving cash in exchange for favourable tweets for Constance Sugar’s campaign to become MP, Fred is short of funds and is helped to buy the things he and Suzi want by Debita Webra. Anti-capitalist Debita has recently sold the two million pound mansion gifted to her that she never settled in, and is trying to get rid of the money any way she can.

Gina Pitts has invited council worker Geraldine Davis over for drinks, also encouraging the usually straight-laced Geraldine to take some ketamine. Geraldine has a marvellous time and later goes off to tell fellow council worker, AJ Shaw, who is always telling her to let her hair down. Geraldine finds him at one of the polling stations at the church, she accidentally falls down a well and AJ and Debita have to work hard to get her up from the depths, mostly using AJ’s clothing. When she does eventually tell AJ he is not pleased at all and actually fires her from the council!

Meanwhile, Dottie Davis has been put in charge of Simpkins’ hotel. Dottie finds that after some vandalism and general wear and tear she needs to replace a lot of the hotel’s windows. She does not have the time or the budget to come up with a better solution and, once encouraged by Gina Pitts, goes around town surreptitiously stealing windows to take to the hotel.

During the race to be elected as Newton’s MP, candidates Candi Johnson and Constance Sugar are finding themselves with strong feelings for each other. Candi has been racked with guilt about keeping their affair secret, nearly quitting the race – Constance is finding it titillating and persuades Candi to stay in. But when the results are read out that night, there is only one ballot paper, and that has been spoilt! Later, after a serious conversation with Fred, who tells her some home truths, Constance realises she may well have to choose between love and power.

Gina has taken Dottie Davis to Las Iguanas for some food and drink, Geraldine Davis arrives and is furious to find her sister there – cosying up to the woman who had caused her to lose her job! Candi turns up, letting them know that an ancient Newtown bylaw has been enacted which means they shall both go to Parliament, as joint MPs! This news cannot sidetrack Geraldine, who is so upset with Gina and sister Dottie that she storms off…and falls out of a windowless window!

Will Geraldine have survived the fall??

If so, will her relationship with her sister Dottie have survived the fall??

Will Candi Johnson and Constance Sugar make great colleagues, lovers and advocates for Newtown or will they take Newtown down with them in a fiery inferno???

Memorable Moments:

  • Fred’s visiting of shops all over Newtown; Newtown Garden Centre, B&M, Pets at Home, British Cancer Research charity shop (furniture division)
  • Debita and AJ tying together articles of clothing to throw down to Geraldine in the well
  • Candi and Constance falling in lurrrrve!


Sugar AND Candi???

In the last episode of Closer Each Day, it seems the impossible has happened and Constance Sugar and Candi Johnson, total opposites and rivals in the race to be Newtown’s next MP, have fallen in love! After just one vote and a spoilt ballot paper, an archaic Newtown bylaw has made them joint MP – but will this bring them closer or bring their love down, bringing the whole of Newtown with them!

We are halfway through what has been a storming, hilarious season of Closer Each Day – still three shows to go before we go on a short break. anything could happen, come discover what next with us!

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Episode 24.2: ‘The Seaman Expects’ (200th Episode!)

Episode 24.1: ‘The Newtown People’s Party’

Having learned that Constance plans to run as an MP, Candi and Big Dick Johnson decide to nominate Candi as a rival candidate and put posters up for their newly formed Newtown People’s Party. Geraldine thinks having a slightly criminal candidate will make things more interesting for the election, but AJ puts his foot down and tells her that they cannot be trusted.

At the hotel, Simpkins and Constance are discussing her election chances but unbeknownst to Constance, Simpkins plans to use her potential success to further his own ends… He has also hired Geraldine’s sister Dotty Davis as a receptionist after meeting her at a convention. She is proving to be a workaholic – and so efficient that she hasn’t had a break for days. When Candi learns this, she reports him to the council and Geraldine gets Simpkins’ licence suspended. However, Simpkins has a plan: he hands over the running of the hotel to Dotty and he becomes a mere employee! Geraldine is furious as she has a hatred for her sister going back to when they were children…

Elsewhere, Gina is having a personal crisis. She thinks her best days are behind her and she wants to start spicing up her life so her and Dick decide to role play as an Italian couple (Gino and Ginelli) to get them back in the mood. Meanwhile, Fred has had some bad news – his plan to leave Newtown to work at Kenco International has fallen through. Constance learns this and recruits him as her social media manager to promote her election bid in a ‘Cash for Tweets’ agreement. 

The Johnsons’ door-knocking and threatening of residents has been going well – until Candi learns that their names have not been put on the ballot paper. She knows it can only be one person standing in their way: her ex-boyfriend AJ Shaw!

Will the Johnsons manage to get registered for the election? Will Geraldine and Dotty ever reconcile? And what will become of Simpkins now he can no longer run his own hotel?

Memorable Moments

  • Dotty discussing Constance’s unpopularity with Simpkins: “I don’t think she is lonely: she had a threesome last week.”
  • AJ’s rant about council bureaucracy
  • Candi Johnson’s election motto: “She cares about you.”
  • Constance’s election motto: “She cares about you and cares that nobody cares about you and she will make them care, because she cares.”

Episode 23.9: ‘If the shoe fits…’

After being kicked out of the hotel by Simpkins, Constance goes to Just Gina’s and demands they hand over the keys to the pub. Big Dick calls her bluff and says she hasn’t got what it takes to run the place – Dick and Candi arrange for a couple of biker gangs to come over as well as a journalist from the Newtown Mail. Lady Saffron, who has fallen out with Constance, decides to stand up to her and makes her help with cooking in the kitchen, as well as swapping clothes and shoes to reverse the power dynamic. The food goes wrong though, and the kitchen catches fire, trapping them both in the smoke. Facing potential death, Constance takes back her high heels from Lady Saffron, causing her to become confident enough to rescue both of them!  

Meanwhile, Debita is still trying to recover her memories after the accident but remembers that she had planned to give her £2.5 million mansion to someone. With the Johnsons still owing the council (and specifically Constance) a million pounds, Gina and Dick take Debita to the Sky Café and make a pitch. However, Candi later takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps Debita, stashing her in the basement of Just Another Gina’s until she agrees to hand over the mansion. The problem is the basement used to be an aquarium and it regularly floods… 

Elsewhere, AJ is still waiting for a response from Debita about his proposal. He shows Geraldine (who is recovering from a light stabbing from Constance) his grandmother’s ring, and she mentions no-one will ever propose to her. AJ spontaneously proposes to Geraldine but calls her “Debita” – and Geraldine accepts anyway! But when AJ spots Just Another Gina’s flooding and Debita in trouble, he ditches Geraldine to rescue her. A grateful Debita thinks she is going to accept AJ’s proposal, but when she learns he is engaged to Geraldine, both women decide to turn him down! With Candi facing prison, she asks AJ to be her parole officer in exchange for helping him to win back Debita, and he accepts. 

Back at Just Gina’s, Constance’s tenure has been a disaster. She decides to hand back the pub and focus on her new career: becoming Newtown’s MP!

Will the pubs survive their respective disasters? How will Constance’s election campaign go? And will AJ ever end up with a fiancée?

Memorable Moments

  • Dick being in the Newtown Mail 6 times for different crimes
  • Gina acting as a northern interpreter for Debita
  • The high stakes swapping of high heels for wellies in the heat of a kitchen fire

Episode 23.8: ‘Ouija marry me?’

AJ Shaw is in pieces, believing he has killed his ex Debita Webra, the woman he still loves. Constance Sugar tries to calm him and also manages to get him to say he will take the rap for the decision to turn the centre of Newtown into a car park – as it is a very unpopular decision, there are huge protests going on, and Constance is worried it will thwart her future political career. They wait for news from the investigaotrs looking through the bulldozer’s parts to see if Debita really is completely dead and mangled.

Meanwhile, Geraldine Davis is trying to do the right thing and has chained herself to the ancient old oak tree to stop it being bulldozed. And Simpkins is wondering how he can get his hotel back from Constance, who has split up with him and said she is keeping the hotel because she is upset at him for going off to Micronesia for months and not coming to see her when he got back. And we finally see Debita! She fell down a hole right next to the bulldozer, she banged her head but she is most definitely alive! She has, however, forgotten who she is and everything that happened. Simpkins uses this to his advantage when he discovers her and her amnesia, and tells her she is Constance and she just needs to sign some papers at the bank…

At the hotel, AJ and Constance use a Ouija board to try to connect with Debita. Constance is a sceptic until she and AJ hear Debita’s voice (SImpkins has brought Debita to a room nearby to get her to look more formal and Constance-like l for the bank)! When Constance hears Simpkins’ voice too she assumes he must be dead as well, that he killed himself for love of her!

Despite bumping into Geraldine, who recognises Debita for who she really is, the papers get signed and the hotel belongs to Simpkins once more! Once AJ and Constance realise that everyone is not a ghost, Constance discovers the plot and blames everyone involved, including Geraldine who she thinks was part of it all and vows to kill her. AJ takes some gum that he had put in a shrine to Debita, twists it into a ring shape and goes down one one knee and asks Debita to marry him!

Will Debita fully get her memory back?

What will her decision be about marrying AJ?

Will Geraldine escape Constance’s murderous clutches?

And what next for the bitter fall-out from Constance’s and Simpkins’ split?

Memorable Moments:

  • AJ and Constance going Ghostbusters-style in their hunt for ghosts
  • Simpkins leaping on Debita’s amnesia to get his hotel back
  • Our Musical Director, Jack Drewry, being Show Editor for the every first time and smashing it!