Season 3 Gets Extended by 5 Episodes

The Wardrobe Theatre is delighted to announce that due the continued success and growing popularity of Closer Each Day, 5 more episodes of this improvised soap opera are to be performed in the venue as part of the theatre’s spring/summer programme.

Those all important dates for your diary are:

Tuesday 1st May – Episode 7 
Tuesday 15th May – Episode 8 
Tuesday 29th May – Episode 9 
Tuesday 12th June – Episode 10
Tuesday 26th June – Episode 11 (Season 3 Finale)

So even more chances to come and watch your favourite characters and peek in on all the crazy happening in Newtown. In the meantime however, make sure you come along for the exciting next instalment on Tuesday 10th April at The Wardrobe Theatre:

Will Reg have the balls to go through with the killing?
How will Lucinda react now she’s aware of Big Dick’s deceptions?
How can the Reverend explain the drugs in his cellar?
Find out in Episode 6 of Closer Each Day.

Fantastic Review of Episode 5

Off the back of another classic episode of Closer Each Day this week, online Bristol culture magazine Inter:Mission were inspired to give the show a truly fabulous write up! We are all very chuffed here in Newtown as the hard work we are putting into the show is now being recognised.

Some choice quotes:

“The improv was fantastically funny, but also heart-warming and engrossing. And it was VERY funny.”

“All of the performers are highly talented, and I for one will be following this soap opera in the future.”

“Clever, hilarious and really engrossing.”

“A massive success.”

Seems the rest of the world is starting to cotton on to just how original, funny and bloody brilliant Closer Each Day is. Hoorah! Pats on the back all round.

Production Shots from Episode 4

Last week’s Closer Each Day: Episode 4 saw the christening of Judith and Little Jimmy’s baby girl, Candy. Luckily there was a camera at hand and we were able to capture some of the improvised magic and mayhem. There are a handful of these images in the Gallery section of this blog, but all the production shots can be seen on The Wardrobe Theatre’s Facebook Page by clicking here.

Come along for Episode 5 next Tuesday 27th March.
Will Big Dick’s plan to avoid his baptism work?
Will Judith feel the same about Jimmy in the sober light of day?
What will Mrs Johnson find in the Reverent’s lock-up?

Counting Down to Episode 4

We can’t wait for Episode 3.4 of Closer Each Day tomorrow night.

– Can Magdalene make Big Dick go through with the baptism?
– Will God hear Judith’s prayers?
– What carnage awaits at the Johnsons’ Stag Do?

As a special treat, here’s a photo which Meghan Leslie (Magdalene) took live on stage during the last episode. It’s a wonderful mother and daughter shot of Judith (Alice Lamb) and Candy (a blue blanket).

Closer Each Day Spreading Its Wings

The Looking Glass is a brand new performance space for Bristol opening on the 10th/11th March and Closer Each Day has been invited to put on a very special performance during this launch party!

The team behind Closer Each Day will be (for the first time) performing a very special stand-alone improvised story at 3.30pm on Sunday 11th March. Entry is free so come along for what could be a sci-fi adventure, a soap opera, a sitcom, a murder mystery or anything in between – we don’t know, because it’s improvised…!

The Looking Glass Website
Launch Weekend Facebook Event

And in the meantime, don’t forget Season 3, Episode 3 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre on Tuesday 28th February.
Will Big Dick Johnson’s and Magdalene’s engagement last?
Can Pc Malcolm find Reg in time to save their relationship?
Will things every start going right for Judith?

Valentine’s Day Special – 14th February 2012

Love is in the air in Newtown and it seems one of the characters in Closer Each Day has received an anonymous Valentine’s Day message in the ‘I Saw You’ pages of Venue Magazine this month! Who is this mysterious communication for? Who could it be from?

Meanwhile onstage last week, Magdalene is trying to deal with the advances of Big Dick Johnson, Judith and Jimmy’s relationship is feeling the strain and Mrs Johnson is determined to find herself a new man.

Cupid’s got his work cut out then at 8pm on Tues 14th Feb for Closer Each Day’s first Valentine’s Day Special!