We cannot wait to be back onstage!

It is just a waiting game right now. Perhaps we shall be back onstage at the Wardrobe in May (hopefully) or June. We may be able to do an outdoor show in April. It is all ifs and buts right now, all depending on this absolute %*&@ of a virus. But one thing you can be sure of, when we are back in action again it is going to be BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!


We were hoping to be back on the 21st  but having the go ahead just a few days before made the logistics impossible. But let us not dwell on what we cannot do or have not done, and instead party like it is the New Year before Covid was invented and have ourselves a special episode of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera. HOORAY!!!

Come along to the Wardrobe Theatre for the show at 7.30pm. The Wardrobe have done a smashing job with making the theatre experience as safe as possible. The tickets are sold in bubble pairs and you have no-one sitting behind or in front of you, everyone in the audience must wear a mask (unless exempt) and the cast are socially distanced both from the audience and each other. You can come and enjoy in secure fashion.

And what a party it will be in Newtown! We have never had a show on this date before and are really looking forward to it.

Get your tickets here.

If you want discounted tickets, first join our Neighbourhood Watch if you have not done so already.

Come and enjoy a fantastic, hilarious standalone show which also happens to be the finale of our shortest season ever!


We are so so so so (ad infinitum) happy to announce we are back live on stage at the Wardrobe Theatre from Monday 2nd November 2020 at 7.30pm. Yes, we know things may change and lockdowns may happen, but if they do we and the theatre have everything in place and Covid 19 safe for getting back to it as soon as we are able to again.

We have missed performing our fortnightly soap and cannot wait to kick off a brand new season. Come along and have a laugh and remember why, no matter what, live theatre is a vital part of life as we know it!

Get your tickets here. Tickets are sold in pairs – the theatre will be at half capacity and this is the best and safest way of doing things.

We are back, and about bloody time too!

Carry On getting Closer Each Day…

In the face of this thoroughly heinous global epidemic, we shall continue any way we can. We are bringing you creative content; videos of what our characters are getting up to in lockdown, quizzes, interviews with the cast and more. Connect with us by social media or by joining Neighbourhood Watch and let us keep laughing together!

For us to be able to continue to work and bring you this joyous content in these difficult times, we are in need of help. We would be very grateful for any donations you can give us, be it small, medium or absolutely mindbogglingly massive! Most of all, we hope you are safe and well and we thank you for staying Closer with us.


When in Rome…

Join us for this year’s 26 hour impro marathon at The Bristol Improv Theatre in March, Friday 13th to Saturday 14th. Tickets on sale soon.

To get your appetite going, read on…


It is the age of empires and emperors, and the western world revolves and converges on one thriving metropolis: Rome. The Forum hums with the plots and machinations of power-hungry Senators and their hand-wringing advisors, while the marketplace buzzes and jostles with wealthy merchants and struggling farmers. To the East, the still-warm sand of the Colosseum is splattered with the blood of heroic gladiators, as the jeers and cries of the masses echo from pillar to pit. The city streets are a medley of shrines and gutters, Roman legionnaires on leave spilling out of every taverna, while aspiring poets sing their songs for pennies on every corner. Meanwhile on the Palatine Hill, the lofty vestal virgins perform their sacred rites to protect the city walls. Home to plebeians, politicians, scholars and soldiers, Rome is the original toga party – and everyone’s invited.