Season 22 starts in September!

Well, Season 21 was a total blast. We shall never forget it. The joy of being back at the Wardrobe after 15 months of enforced absence due to the ugly pandemic business, and the wonderful warmth and loud appreciation of our socially distanced audiences – it was just incredible. And the storylines that came about! All culminating in a wedding fit for any soap, complete with murder and heartbreak and some lurrrrve.

Now we get to find out what happens next, back at the Wardrobe Theatre from the 13th September and then every other Monday. Back at 7.30pm. We cannot wait to see you there. You can get your tickets here.


Season 21 finale – a wedding, and any funerals?

On Monday 2nd August 2021 it is the end of season finale. It has been a season like no other – starting as it did after an 15 month break forced on us by Covid, then going every Monday night instead of every fortnight to try and make up for that a little bit! We have loved being back so very much, and so much has happened in Newtown. This Monday, surely we shall see Gina Pitts and Big Dick Johnson finally get wed, but perhaps not the way they had dreamed….?! Will Debita the bridesmaid escape the murderous rage of Candi and the misguided villainy of Constance? We shall soon find out!


We are panting like eager puppies, tongues out, tails wagging, virtually humping legs, because WE ARE BACK AT THE WARDROBE THEATRE FROM MONDAY 7th JUNE!


Not only that, but we shall be performing every Monday up to and including Monday 2nd August, in our long-awaited Season 21 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.

It is about time to make Mondays joyous once again. Come and laugh your socks off, you deserve it, we all do.


We cannot wait to be back onstage!

It is just a waiting game right now. Perhaps we shall be back onstage at the Wardrobe in May (hopefully) or June. We may be able to do an outdoor show in April. It is all ifs and buts right now, all depending on this absolute %*&@ of a virus. But one thing you can be sure of, when we are back in action again it is going to be BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!


We were hoping to be back on the 21st  but having the go ahead just a few days before made the logistics impossible. But let us not dwell on what we cannot do or have not done, and instead party like it is the New Year before Covid was invented and have ourselves a special episode of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera. HOORAY!!!

Come along to the Wardrobe Theatre for the show at 7.30pm. The Wardrobe have done a smashing job with making the theatre experience as safe as possible. The tickets are sold in bubble pairs and you have no-one sitting behind or in front of you, everyone in the audience must wear a mask (unless exempt) and the cast are socially distanced both from the audience and each other. You can come and enjoy in secure fashion.

And what a party it will be in Newtown! We have never had a show on this date before and are really looking forward to it.

Get your tickets here.

If you want discounted tickets, first join our Neighbourhood Watch if you have not done so already.

Come and enjoy a fantastic, hilarious standalone show which also happens to be the finale of our shortest season ever!