Sugar AND Candi???

In the last episode of Closer Each Day, it seems the impossible has happened and Constance Sugar and Candi Johnson, total opposites and rivals in the race to be Newtown’s next MP, have fallen in love! After just one vote and a spoilt ballot paper, an archaic Newtown bylaw has made them joint MP – but will this bring them closer or bring their love down, bringing the whole of Newtown with them!

We are halfway through what has been a storming, hilarious season of Closer Each Day – still three shows to go before we go on a short break. anything could happen, come discover what next with us!

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NO EXPECTATIONS: The Unscripted Dickens

Misty alleyways, raucous taverns, evil landlords and endearing orphans – No Expectations: The Unscripted Dickens breathes life into Victorian England with Closer Each Day Company’s fresh and welcoming style of improvised comedy theatre.

Midnight, 1860, and a struggling novelist is suffering terribly with writers’ block. Nothing can inspire their latest story until a few audience suggestions light a spark in their imagination…

Previously entitled ‘Steamed: A Dickensian Improvised Tale’, the show has thrilled sold out audiences at Brunel’s SS Great Britain, Salisbury Playhouse and across the South West. Don’t miss the chance to see this entirely spontaneous and deliciously Dickensian show that will leave you asking, ‘Please sir, can I have some more?’.

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Has AJ Shaw killed the love of his life with a bulldozer??

AJ Shaw distracted himself from his broken heart by going hell for leather in his plan for the council, to bulldoze two pubs owned by the Johnsons and turn them into a car park – and he got into the bulldozer himself to do the deed.  He took out the A board and the potted plants outside the pub, but before he could go further his love Debita got in the path of the bulldozer!

Candi Johnson told AJ he had killed her. Is she really mangled at the back of the bulldozer? Find out at the next Closer Each Day, on Monday 11th April 2022, 7.30 pm at the Wardrobe Theatre.

Who let the dogs out??

The Johnsons did, at the pub, on council workers Geraldine and AJ, to try and get themselves out of a tight spot. But Geraldine and Candi Johnson are BOTH in trouble and could be heading to jail if they don’t get that million pounds back.

See what happens next on Monday 28th March, 7.30pm, Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera at the Wardrobe Theatre.

Candi’s ill-gotten gains go to the pub, will Candi go to jail???

So despite some very hard-thinking, Candi just cannot come up with an idea to make a tech start-up happen. Just what is she going to do with that ONE MILLION POUNDS she conned out of new council worker, Geraldine Davis? Gina and Big Dick really need the money to keep their gastro-pub dreams alive, though by the time they realise they cannot really take all the money off of Candi Gina has already purchased another pub to start off the Johnsons-spoons chain! Candi know if she does not give the council a business plan or the money back she will be exiled…straight to jail!

What will happen? Find out at our next show on 14th March, 7.30 pm at the Wardrobe Theatre!

Candi hits the jackpot!

Candi Johnson has managed to play on the naivety of a new council worker (with the help of some dangerous cocktails), and has got one million pounds out of her to jumpstart her tech career / spend on a lavish lifestyle! But her uncle, Big Dick Johnson, and his wife Gina Pitts, are having money troubles at the pub and do not have enough money to restock and stay afloat. Will Candi help them out? Or will the money go to her head? And how long before the bubble bursts?!

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