The Great American Storybook

At the Bristol Improv Theatre on Friday 17th August, 8pm, John Lomas and Lindsey Garwood will spin a good ol’ yarn, a chapter from The Great American Storybook – with nothing more than to start them off than a couple of items they purloin from the audience. Their tale would warm even the stoniest of hearts, and make laugh even the sternest of dispositions. The Great American Storybook will be the first half in a Closer Each Day Company double bill at the Bristol Improv Theatre, followed by Pilot Season: The Improvised Next Big Thing.  What a night!

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Q&A with Closer Each Day Company

After the Season Finale on 2nd July 2018, at 9.15pm, Backline will be holding a Q&A session with us. Backline is a fantastic local organisation which supports improvisers, offers one to one coaching, holds events with dynamic speakers and instructors to illuminate and educate, and gives people the chance to ask diverse performers, improvisers and theatre makers what makes them tick. Please do join us at The Wardrobe Theatre at 9.15pm on 2nd July, ask us anything and we shall answer!

If you are seeing the show beforehand, there is no extra charge, you can also come just for the Q&A without a ticket – but there will be the chance to make a donation of your choice, to keep the wonderful Backline going. Thank you!


Live improvised RADIO version of Closer Each Day!!!

After the normal episodes on Mondays 4th and 18th June, if you see the shows you can stick around and watch (and listen!) for free – but you are also welcome to come at 9.15pm just for the radio show. Drop us a line if you would like to do that.

Alec Reid, a director of radio soap The Archers and a fan of our show, wanted to see if we could do what we do but for radio. We have been having a go in rehearsals and we are LOVING it! Of course we cannot rely on visual gags, but there are a lot of things you can do on radio that you cannot do on stage and we are having great fun exploring the audio world of our soap.

Do come and join us, we would love your support (and your laughter!) as we record the radio show live at The Wardrobe Theatre.

May Mayhem: Closer Each Day Takes Over Brunel’s SS Great Britain

We are ready to rock the boat! Following on from our sell-out success aboard Brunel’s SS Great Britain last May, this year we are back with not one but TWO nights of fully improvised and hilarious comedy.

Sunday 20th May: Think games and audience interaction as in Whose Line Is It Anyway? plus a live-action story made up entirely in the moment from audience suggestions. Hold on to your hats, hold on to your ribs, this will be a riot in the very best way.

Monday 21st May: A one-off standalone show seeing the characters of Closer Each Day’s fictional Newtown back in time and just as funny as ever. This was a rip-roaring success last year, with die-hard fans and those who had never seen the show alike.

Hilarious, inventive and entirely unique, come and see a landmark Bristol show on a Bristol landmark!

Arrive before the show starts to look around the ship and museum, included in your ticket price. There will also be a bar on-board serving wine, beer and cider. Do not miss these two marvellous May nights!

Tickets here.

Season 15 starts January 2018

Candi with a broom

A new season begins on Monday 15th January at The Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm and runs through to Monday 2nd July, continuing the world’s longest narrative!

Tickets are £7 – available from The Wardrobe Theatre

Every other Monday on:

  • 15th January 2018
  • 29th January 2018
  • 12th February 2018
  • 26th February 2018
  • 12th March 2018
  • 26th March 2018
  • 9th April 2018
  • 23rd April 2018
  • 7th May 2018
  • 21st May 2018 (this will be a standalone show on Brunel’s SS Great Britain!)
  • 4th June 2018
  • 18th June 2018
  • 2nd July 2018