Christmas Special!

It’s that time of year! As things are hotting up in Newtown, we crash headfirst into December with our two-part season finale of the popular improvised soap opera Closer Each Day! What happened to Mrs Johnson and the bomb? Did Reg escape the boot of the car? Where’s Big Dick’s money and what are the mysterious corporation after?

Find out in our furiously festive and immaculately improvised xmas spesh!

Closer Each Day Episode 6: Christmas Special (Part 1) 6th December 2011. 8pm / £2.

Closer Each Day Episode 7: Christmas Special (Part 2) 20th December 2011. 8pm / £2.

Episode Five – Tues 22nd

It’s that time of the month again! Closer Each Day returns for Episode Five tomorrow night at The Wardrobe Theatre. This is the last episode before we go fruitfully festive with out two-part, season finale Christmas Special so please join us to find out what happened to Pc Malcolm and Reg, what the mysterious implantation has done to Little Jimmy and whether Dr. Ferguson and Magdalene got it on… Catch up with the story on our synopsis page.

Closer Each Day: Episode Five. 22/11/11. The Wardrobe Theatre. 8pm/£2

We look forward to seeing you there!

Chris and Joe
Closer Each Day Facilitators

Breaking news!

The last episode scheduled in the Wardrobe Theatre’s brochure is Tuesday 22nd November (sighs of disappointment). However, due to popular demand, Closer Each Day will carry on during December for a TWO-PART CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

Join your favourite characters for the series finale two-part Christmas Special of the Wardrobe’s popular improvised soap opera. Created on the spot by an array of Bristolian performers, Closer Each Day is a unique theatrical experience. See in Christmas with our dramatic Xmas Special; expect revelations, romance, reunions and mince pies.

Part One: 6th December 8pm / £2
Part Two: 20th December 8pm / £2

See the Theatre Bristol listing here. Book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!

See you there,
Chris and Joe
Closer Each Day Facilitators

Episode Four – Tues 8th

What happened to Barry and Mildred!? Join us this Tuesday 8th November for episode four of Closer Each Day and find out the result of last weeks dramatic cliffhanger at 8pm for only £2. If you missed the last episode, or any for that matter, as always check out the synopsises on our catch-up page. We will also have our usual ‘previously on…’ pre-show montage to keep you up to date. We hope to see you there for a night of drama and laughs on this cold November week.

Chris and Joe
Closer Each Day Facilitators

Episode Two – Tues 11th

Episode two of Closer Each Day will be performed at 8pm at The Wardrobe this Tuesday (11th Oct)! Come along to acquaint yourself with the madcap characters and zany plot for only £2. If you missed episode one, don’t fear, you can read a summary on our synopsis page and we will be recapping the major plot points on the night before the new episode. Grab your coats, climb the stairs and enter the world of Closer Each Day.

Chris and Joe
Closer Each Day Facilitators