Episode 16.4: ‘Newtown is My Town!’

Eliza has still not been to a doctor since taking a dodgy pregnancy test some weeks ago, but the bus is cancelled and she still doesn’t go! Meanwhile, her baby daddy Reg is hiding in some bushes and only comes out after some talking to by AJ.

Pablo is feeling that he should step up as boyfriend Reg is not doing so, and tells Eliza he has signed over the salon to her to provide for the babies. Gina also visits Pablo at the salon, she has her suspicions over Eliza’s pregnancy as she is not showing at all, and she is also dying to tell someone about her affair with Fred!

Simpkins is enjoying toying with Fred over his knowledge about the affair, but meets his match when Billie Jean King, daughter of Newtown’s founder Jeff King, comes to town. She has been left Newtown in her father’s will but the other big shock is that she is Candi’s adoptive mother that brought her up in the States! Big Dick is upset that his familial ties with Candi may be weakening, Candi is excited that she de facto owns Newtown!

Gina is desperately trying to forget Fred and asks Big Dick to marry her!

Memorable Moments:

  • Billie Jean King, played by Patti Stiles, calling out Simpkins for his love of making evil plans, and Simpkins’ priceless reaction!
  • Pablo nearly telling Big Dick about Gina’s affair
  • The cliffhanger marriage proposal!

Will Big Dick say yes???

Will Simpkins or Pablo spill the beans about Gina and Fred’s affair??

Will Eliza finally get to a doctor??

Find out soon…But before you do, come to Episode 16.5 on Monday 29th October 2018 which will be a Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special, see spooky tales told about Newtown residents, enjoy the dark side of Closer Each Day! We shall be back seeing what happens next with our storylines in Episode 16.6 on Monday 12th November.

Episode 16.3: ‘True Love and a False Ben’

Eliza is distraught – she thinks she is pregnant with twins by Reg, Reg’s new boyfriend Pablo is furious with her and blames her for Reg running off and ex Candi wants nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile, Fred and Gina are both desperate for some advice about their illicit affair and both individually talk to AJ about a ‘friend’ they have who is having an affair. AJ thinks he has it figured out – they both have the same friend! When Gina’s boyfriend Big Dick comes into the pub and overhears Gina trying to explain away their friend ‘Ben’, things get out of hand and a going away party in the pub is arranged for him that evening!

Fred had also tried to get advice from Simpkins about his ‘friend’s’ predicament, but Simpkins is rather more smart than AJ and when Gina comes into the cafe in a terrible state about the party they will have to put on for a non-existent Ben, he susses out the truth immediately.

At the party, the rest of Newtown are doing karaoke, while Gina and Fred are talking in the cellar. Fred finally decides to tell Gina his true feelings, he loves her and wants to be with her. Gina tells him she does not feel the same way and he leaves broken hearted, but she does feel the same way – she was just trying to do the right thing and end it all!

Big Dick goes to pick up Ben from the train station, where Simpkins is helping out Fred and Gina by waiting in disguise as their friend Ben. Big Dick sees through his disguise and thinks someone is playing a game with him, but he does not guess who or why and picks up a different Ben instead!

Memorable Moments:

  • The big emotions in the beer cellar of Fred and Gina
  • AJ leading the karaoke in the pub and Pablo changing the words of his song to fire venom at Eliza
  • Simpkins’ squeaky-voiced Ben!

Will Gina tell Fred how she really feels??

Will Simpkins keep Gina and Fred’s affair a secret??

Will Reg come back to Newtown and face the music from Pablo and Eliza?

Find out in Episode 4 of Season 16 of Closer Each Day at the Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 15th October at 8pm…with special guest PATTI STILES! 


Episode 16.2: ‘Lessons in History, Biology and Love’

Big Dick is encouraged to leave the pub by girlfriend Gina so her lover Fred can come round and ‘fix the coffee machine’. Later on Fred and Big Dick go for a drive and Fred is disturbed by Big Dick’s impassioned speech about how much he loves Gina and what he would do if anything were to disrupt that.

Meanwhile, Simpkins and Candi are celebrating Jeff King Day (Jeff King apparently founded Newtown in 2006). Candi is feeling upset by Eliza’s impregnation by Reg and Simpkins counsels her to follow her heart and do something for herself. Candi decides she is going to remodel Coventry on Newtown, like a modern day Jeff King.

Reg and Pablo are blissfully bonding, they have moved in together, as in love as they are, and move their relationship on to the physical…several times. But their paradise comes to an end when Eliza appears at the door and eventually tells Reg he is the father of her unborn twins. Pablo  is not impressed and leaves them to it. Reg cannot handle the shock and makes a run for it.

Memorable Moments:

  • The numerous mentions of Jeff King and all he has done for Newtown
  • Fred driving Big Dig Dick’s BMW

Will Candi go to Coventry and make a new start there?

Will Fred hold his nerve and keep seeing Gina behind Big Dick’s back?

Will Pablo blame Eliza for ruining his good thing with Reg?

Find out in Episode 3 of Season 16 of Closer Each Day, at the Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm

Season 16.1: ‘Ducking Death in Dubai’

After being caught in Dubai with drugs inside the gift Reg gave him, Pablo is facing execution. Luckily he makes a friend in the prison’s laundry and escapes under the laundry van. After a trek through the desert, he eventually meets up with a patiently waiting Reg – who has fake passports ready and a lot of love to give. Pablo is worried about Reg’s Maggie Thatcher-loving rabid Tory inclinations, but Reg convinces him that politics should not get in the way of their love.

Meanwhile, back in Newtown, Simpkins is trying his best to teach AJ how to attract a woman. Big Dick is convincing Gina to chuck out some of her stuff. But it goes too far when her beloved armless statue of a glamorous head and torso, Cecil, gets taken to the dump too. When Big Dick goes to retrieve it he bumps into short-sighted AJ, who falls in love with Cecil. Big Dick plays along and introduces it as Jessica, encouraging AJ to bring his date along to the pub so Gina can have a laugh. Simpkins sees AJ snogging the statue and realises he has wasted his time.

Eliza is too anxious about finding out the truth to pee onto the pregnancy stick. Candi tries to help, but when Eliza does finally pee on the stick and discovers she is pregnant (by Reg) with twins, Candi clears off – relieved she and Eliza are no longer an item.

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins looking out on to the pond and wondering where all the ducks go
  • Eliza dying for a pee in the back of the Big Dick’s van on the way to the dump, while Gina and Big Dick carry on arguing
  • AJ having a one-sided chat with Cecil/Jessica at the pub

Will Reg and Pablo make it back to Newtown with no further mishaps?

Will Eliza tell Reg she thinks she is pregnant with his twins??

Will Simpkins find out where the ducks go?

Find out in Episode 2 of Season 16 at the Wardrobe Theatre on 17th September 2018 at 8pm



Episode 15.11: ‘Maggie Thatcher Strikes Back’

In Newtown, Gina is trying to stay away from Fred and their steamy affair and is having a night in with boyfriend Big Dick watching box sets. Big Dick always needs plenty of sweets for a night in watching the telly, so makes trips out to the local shops to stock up.

Meanwhile, AJ and Simpkins learn that sweets are being stolen from their favourite shops and set out to catch the perpetrator. They get more than they bargained for when they bump into Big Dick, who covers up his own sweet-lifting crimes by making the amateur sleuths suspect each other!

Over in Thailand, new loves Reg and Pablo and ex-loves Candi and Eliza are getting a flight back home. Along the way, Reg lets a random stranger pack for him and Pablo is surprised to learn that Reg is a closet Tory and an ardent fan of Maggie Thatcher – in fact Reg gifts Pablo his very own Maggie Thatcher doll. Later on that doll becomes even more terrifying when, during an emergency landing in Dubai, the police discover drugs inside it! Poor Pablo, the tough drug laws means that he faces death!

In another shock, Eliza reveals to Candi that she thinks she is pregnant – and the father is Reg!

Memorable Moments:

  • AJ and Simpkins’ double act as investiagtors, especially when they did a whole scene talking one word at a time between the two of them!
  • Gina sitting alone in her love seat at home, watching TV and singing along to theme tunes
  • The Maggie Thatcher doll’s voice and recorded sentences, chilling!

Will Gina manage to settle for cosy nights in with Big Dick, or does she want more Fred?

Will Eliza tell Reg he is going to be a daddy, and how will he take it?

Can anyone get Pablo out of the Dubai prison or is he doomed to death?!

Find out in the First Episode of Season 16 at 8pm on Monday 3rd September 2018 at the Wardrobe Theatre.

Episode 15.10: ‘Thai Lies, Footballers’ Thighs, A Virgin’s Sighs’

AJ is reeling from Simpkins telling him that he is selfish and that everyone in Newtown thinks so, but he still cannot quite get past the ‘Me, me, it’s all about me’ attitude and when he decides to go and get police training, it may not be from the most virtuous of motives.

Fred and Big Dick are caught up in the World Cup spirit, but they also have time to talk about electricity and quantum physics too (Big Dick still completely ignorant about Fred sleeping with his girlfriend Gina). Meanwhile, Gina wants to get out of the pub and go for a walk – she gets Simpkins to take care of the bar while she does so and he gets throughly drunk and does a Gina impression so well that everyone coming into the pub thinks that he is in fact Gina Pitts! He is so drunk that he eventually passes out and only a coffee enema and some mouth to mouth from AJ brings him back to life.

Over in Thailand, Candi wants Eliza to leave her alone and so leaps on Pablo to pretend they are an item. Eliza decides later that she too has to show she doesn’t care and persuades Reg to pretend he is her lover. The four of them meet again on the beach and are so determined to prove their lie they have full penetrative sex with their respective fake partners. Candi did not realise Pablo was a virgin before and feels bad, he realises that he definitely is not interested in women and wants Reg badly. Candi convinces him that he needs to tell him! Later, at Candi and Pablo’s hotel, both couples come clean about their charade and Pablo and Reg take each others’ hands…

Memorable Moments:

  • The scene on Newtown’s village green (and a split screen with Thailand), with everyone watching the England v Tunisia match on the big screen but talking about their various issues
  • Pablo making Candi lay down on her ‘bunk bed’, a chair that she has to lay flat across very uncomfortably
  • Eliza’s reappearance on the beach in a sizzling red and white checked swimsuit, red tights, red sunglasses and a big floppy hat – pure glamour
  • Gina and Simpkins’ impressions of one another – nailed it!

Will Eliza and Candi talk things out?

Will Reg and Pablo’s romance survive beyond Thailand?

Will AJ actually go on the police training, and will he find a more selfless way to be or just get worse??

Will Fred and Gina keep getting away with it??

Find out in our SEASON FINALE, Episode 15.11, on Monday 2nd July 2018 at 8pm at The Wardrobe Theatre. Followed by a Q&A session with Closer Each Day Company, hosted by Backline Improv.