Episode 12.8: There Was A Young Man Who Swallowed A Cat (Christmas Special)

Monday 12th December 2016.

It’s Christmas Eve in Newtown and Fred has vowed to find Billy’s missing cat to prove to the depressed Pablo there is still goodness in the world. His search takes him to the hotel where Simpkins has set booby-traps (ala Kevin McCallister) because no matter what he does, people still hate him. Following a bang to the head, Fred’s consciousness is taken over by various celebrity voices until Simpkins and Fred share a mince pie and magically reverse their spirits which have been embodying each other.

Across town, Pablo and Billy finally make peace but they can hear screams coming from the basement! Having been stuck down there for days, Harold has been forced to eat Billy’s cat but he’s also broken a pipe and the water is rising fast but Pablo and Billy break him free just in time. Meanwhile Gina and Big Dick consummate their relationship but Dick is being very distant. Finally at Constance’s Christmas party he confronts Gina about her lost birth certificate and we learn the truth: Scarlett is adopted!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold being dragged backwards along the floor by Billy’s angry cat
– Several of the community resuscitating Harold by regurgitating pre-chewed mince pie into his mouth
– Constance’s Christmas song to wrap up everyone’s stories and the season

Will Gina tell Scarlett the truth that she’s not her real mother?
After making peace, what does the future hold for Billy and Pablo’s relationship?
Can Harold be forgiven for eating Billy’s cat?
Find out is Season 13 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.


Episode 12.7: Mother Knows Best

Monday 28th November 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Pablo wants to make heart-breaker Billy suffer and is refusing to move out of his flat. Billy seeks aid from Fred and, after joyriding around town, they are determined to kick Pablo out. Pablo, in his distress, has been talking to a mural of his dead mother and she talks back, resulting in Pablo popping pills, collapsing in the street and being put in Big Dick’s lock-up. Meanwhile downstairs, no-one has noticed Harold has been locked in Billy’s basement for days without food.

Across town Gina has lost a mysterious birth certificate, an important document which is recovered by her sworn enemy Suzi (who Scarlett is becoming very close friends with) before being pocketed by Big Dick. That night at the Newtown Christmas Fayre, Gina and Suzi compete for Big Dick’s attention with their home brews before the Christmas lights turn-on cause a massive powercut!

Memorable Moments:
– Scarlett trying to bring Suzi and Gina closer together through the power of yoga
– Harold catching three mice and naming them as elements of a fry-up, before eating them
– Billy and Fred doing Top Gear

Is this the end for Pablo?
Will Gina’s secret document stay secret?
Can anyone find and rescue Harold before it is too late?
Find out in Episode 8 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.


Episode 12.6: True Love Will Burn You In The End

Monday 14th November 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Suzi and Gina’s rivalry reaches fever pitch and they have a physical fight in Aldi. Across town, Simpkins is determined to find out who burnt down Café Barracuda and seeing as he recalls someone dragging him into the blaze on that fateful night, he plans to summon everyone for a strength test.

Billy and Pablo are moving in together! The community joyfully assembles for their flat-warming party but Billy feels smothered by his sham relationship. Later in his bathroom, Billy confesses that he started the fire to Spencer before admitting his false love to Pablo and lashing out at him spitefully. Meanwhile, Reg has followed Harold into Billy’s basement and imprisons him once again; however, Reg eventually relents and announces he is leaving town to join a colonising mission to Mars. Later at the strength test, accusations of arson are flying around but Spencer calls for calm and reveals the truth for all to hear: the evil mastermind behind the fire was Fred!

Memorable Moments:
– Harold’s allergic reaction to Malibu, making his tongue swell and his voice adopt an Eastern European accent
– Constance and Gina’s happy dance!
– Suzi’s dismay at not getting an inner-monologue despite everyone else having a turn

How will Pablo react to Billy now the truth is out about his false love?
Will Fred get away with burning down the café?
How will Reg fair as he prepares to move to Mars?
Find out in Episode 7 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.


Episode 12.5: Treehouse of Horror (Halloween Special)

Monday 31st October 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

It’s Halloween in Newtown and Big Dick Johnson has invited Reg up into his hand-built treehouse to tell each other horror stories (the titles of which had been suggested by the audience):
“Silence of The Newtown Lambs” – PC Pablo catches a murderess with the help of Hannibal Fred!
“Honey, I Shrunk The Simpkins” – Harold builds a lazer which shrinks his uncle Simpkins who then goes on a miniature murderous rampage!
“Harold The Friendly Ghost” – In Medieval Newtown, Harold was killed during the construction of the new clock town and he haunts his father, Spencer, to wreak murderous revenge!
“The Clown Who Came To Tea” – Dressed as a creepy clown, Billy terrorises the Pitts family!
As midnight strikes, Reg is horrified to learn that every year Big Dick invites a different member of the community to his treehouse where he beheads them, hollows out their skull and puts a candle inside!

Memorable Moments:
– Having been shrunk by the lazer, tiny Simpkins being represented by a 3 inch bear puppet holding a huge shotgun.
– Pablo encouraging the ghost Harold to get undressed one item at a time to prove he is really Harold.
– Reg’s trying to make up for one of his underwhelming horror stories by waving his hands and cooing “Oooooo!”

Will these spooky encounters have any kind of effect on the wider community?
Can Reg escape from Dick’s treehouse of terror alive?
Where these tales just stories, or was there some truth in the horror happenings?
Find out in Episode 6 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.


Episode 12.4: Snug Love

Monday 17th October 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Encouraged by Fred (whose evil madness grows apace), Simpkins is determined to find out who burnt down Café Barracuda and his eye is firmly on Billy who is wracked with guilt. Billy realises his only hope is to pretend to be in love with the poor Pablo who in return gives Billy an alibi for the night of the fire – but Pablo has noticed Billy is wearing a wedding ring! A confrontation between all four men in the pub’s snug ends in a bruising first fight!

Meanwhile, lovers Spencer and Constance are enjoying getting to know each other better while Harold is still locked up in Reg’s basement. However, when Reg lets his guard down for a moment, Harold seizes his chance and escapes to be joyously welcomed by his friends and family in the street! Across town, Gina and Suzi clash when they realise they are both after the same man: Big Dick Johnson. Suzi is back after serving a short term in prison for avocado theft but Dick is a family man at heart and decide to take Gina for a date in the snug.

Memorable Moments:
– Several characters repeatedly stepping into the pub’s snug for delicate conversations
– A slow-motion fist fight between Fred, Simpkins, Pablo and Billy which many blows to the testicles all being narrated by Gina
– Big Dick describing the awful treatment in prison of convicted arsonists (or ‘flamers’) while Billy’s guilt eats away at him and he gets more and more terrified
– Reg monitoring Harold in his basement and making his perform tasks all via CCTV

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Will Harold ever go back to his husband Reg after finally escaping?
Will Pablo realise he is being strung along by Billy or just get in deeper?
Is Suzi going to get revenge on love rival Gina?
Find out in Episode 5 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.


Episode 12.3: Shove It Up Your Arson!

Monday 3rd October 2016 at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Constance and Spencer throw caution to the wind and celebrate their love with much snogging and skipping whilst any attempt of Harold’s to leave his basement prison result in Reg tightening his grip further. Meanwhile, Fred bullies Billy to set fire to Café Barracuda, trapping Simpkins inside! Having only just escaped the flames, Billy gets Pablo to apply ointment to his burns igniting a romance between the pair (and Pablo’s first ever kiss!). Burnt and battered, Simpkins confronts them both accusing them of arson!

Across town, Gina is warning Scarlett off her estranged father but Scarlett cannot deny her attraction to him. After an incestuous snog, Scarlett and AJ plan to start a new life together in Oldtown but on route, Scarlett finally sees her father for what he truly is, a cowardly, misogynistic pig. Gina bursts in to rescue her daughter and as revenge, violently shoves AJ’s old Scouting uniform up his arse!

More photos from this episode here.

Memorable Moments:
– Numerous, rapid flashes back and forth between Billy panicking in the fire and Fred watching on from Lyle Hill
– AJ and Scarlett’s incestuous snog, provoking loud nauseated groans of disgust from the audience!
– Simpkins painfully slow crawling through the fire, weighed down by a log and then Fred dragging him back into danger

Can AJ win back the trust of his family?
Will Harold every escape free of Reg’s clutches?
Can anyone stop Fred before he does someone real harm?
Find out in Episdoe 4 of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera.