Episode 15.7: ‘The Great Ginsters Debate, or, All is Fair in Love and Pasties’

Arthur James ‘AJ’ Shaw is racked with guilt over letting Bunny Smith go to jail for him for clipping Fred on the ankle whilst driving the tram. Plagued by his accusing reflection in the mirror, AJ is driven to go down to the pier and, after throwing in his tram driver’s uniform, is about to throw himself in. Meanwhile, Simpkins and Constance have been laughing at the sad spectacle at the end of the pier from their vantage point up in their penthouse. Simpkins however, after a race across down and a bit of pushing AJ in to satisfy a whim of Constance’s, does do the right thing and saves a flailing AJ from drowning.

Across town, Eliza is telling girlfriend Candi that the reason her witch powers have got stronger is because Candi has a witchy power in her too. When the two embrace they seem to levitate into the air!

Big Dick is enjoying himself in Aldi, he also gets some presents for Gina…who is back at the pub with Fred, the sexual tension crackling between them over a game of tiddlywinks. Gina and Fred go back to his and have sex! Gina feels terrible when back with Big Dick later. She returns to Fred’s, to tell him it must never happen again and it was a terrible mistake…but then they throw themselves at each other and kiss passionately!

Memorable Moments:
• The expression on Candi’s face as she feels the power of witchcraft flooding through her veins
• Fred playing air guitar in celebration of his love-making session with Gina
• Big Dick and Fred, in separate scenes, pronouncing the ‘G’ in Ginsters in a hard or soft way, and then using the contrary pronunciation for Golden Wonder crisps and Genoa cake

Will AJ ever forgive himself and make amends for his ways?
Will Fred and Gina carry on their affair and will Big Dick find out??
How is Bunny Smith doing, in that jail cell for a crime she did not commit?

Find out in Episode 15.8 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm on Monday 23rd April

Episode 15.6: ‘Judge Sugar and the Case of the Runaway Tram’

Simpkins and Constance Sugar are in the lusty thrall of their new relationship. Over in the salon, Pablo is reinventing himself. When Constance arrives for a hair-do, they have a frank chat and she encourages him to go take on the world. Back at the hotel, Simpkins is wondering where his employee, Bunny Smith, is…

Bunny has been offered a ride on the tram to get to work – up front with driver AJ! Fred gets in the path of the tram, receiving a nasty clip on the ankle. Eliza has also suffered a bad bruise from AJ’s tram-driving and they resolve to make AJ pay. However, when it comes time for the public flogging (with a roll of Sellotape), Eliza wants nothing to do with violence and her and Fred’s new alliance breaks down in acrimony. AJ convinces Bunny to take the rap for him, so he does not lose his job. Bunny wants to be a good friend – so it is she that is put on trial!

Judge Sugar resides over the court case, with Simpkins and Pablo on the jury and Eliza and Fred facing off just like two TV lawyers. Eliza suggests using her witch skills on a chant that will make Bunny tell the truth. Pablo is morally disgusted by witchcraft and stomps off. The others fall under the spell as they chant over Bunny, so deep in the trance they are oblivious to AJ making a confession. Judge Sugar sentences Bunny to jail! Visiting Bunny in the cell, AJ is sorry, but not sorry enough to ‘fess up. Fred is sorry that his premeditated plan to get clipped by the tram and take AJ to court for damages has ended up hurting Bunny and promises her a French meal when she gets out.

Memorable Moments:

  • Jack doing magic on the keyboard and, after an on-stage offer, managing to combine ’70s prog rock with Chopin
  • Constance looking into the salon mirror with Pablo miming all of her words and actions behind her
  • Fred becoming courtroom lawyer McLintlock, complete with pacing and dramatic timing
  • Bunny being handcuffed with Sellotape, which continues to wrap itself around her as she suffers in the cell

Will AJ and Fred forgive each other over the tram-clipping and courtroom incident?

Will Simpkins and Constance manage to keep their clothes on for just a while?

Has Eliza’s witchcraft only just begun?!

Find out in Episode 15.7 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre at 8pm on Monday 9th April

Episode 15.5: ‘A Chicken, a Horse, and the Devastating Salmon’

Morale is high in Newtown, following Candi’s discovery of the local Aldi and Gina’s imminent Salmon party. Sadly for Gina, the party takes a turn when she, Fred and Simpkins all start to feel the effects of the dodgy Aldi salmon and her special salmon liqueur. After the pub loo reaches full capacity, the trio decide to venture out into the storm to relieve themselves in the Aldi freezer section.

Meanwhile, Candi shuts up Pablo’s insults about her hair style by revealing that her look is inspired by her favourite celebrity, Black Beauty. She is devastated when she discovers the actor who played him died long ago, so Pablo decided to cheer her up by making eulogy for him through the medium of poetry and dance.

Reg is telling AJ all about his interaction with AJ’s long lost Uncle from Kentucky many years ago, which involved him having to escape imprisonment from a chicken coop with the help of his best chicken mate, Matilda. After hearing about Reg’s very own Shawshank Redemption, AJ is saddened by the fact none of his life experiences have never paralleled the plot of a major Hollywood movie.

Inspired by Candi’s song about how Black Beauty helped her to become her true self, Pablo undergoes a transformation of his own. Reg rebuilds AJ’s self- esteem with a rousing musical number whilst Fred and Gina confess their feelings for one another as they empty their bowels onto the Aldi Scampi.

Memorable moments:

  • The sight of Gina, Fred and Simpkins covered in their own excrement, desperately trying to get to Aldi
  • The many flashbacks of Reg’s travels to Kentucky, featuring his best friend Matilda the Chicken
  • Candi and Pablo’s moving song about letting Black Beauty inside of them

Has Reg really made AJ feel better about his sad uneventful life?

Will the new Pablo last? Or will he return to his old ways?

What’s next for Fred and Gina now their feelings are out in the open?

Find out in Episode 15.6 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 26th March at 8pm

Episode 15.4: ‘A Snowman Called Stuart’

It is unusually cold in Newtown. Constance and Simpkins are loved up, she leaves his penthouse happy – but with his ex-wife’s fur coat on, which she mistakenly thinks he has given her as a present. Reg is up on Lyle Hill, thinking about Fred (who he still has feelings for), but after bumping into Arthur James – friendless up on the hill apart from a small portable snowman friend called Stuart – he decides his old friend is more deserving of his thoughts. Arthur and Reg, inspired by the Olympics, form a human luge to get down the hill.

Pablo has Eliza in his salon and is finding out her witchcraft secrets about staying young. She is scaring him! Across town, Fred is on the radio, struggling to keep his eyes open after late-night Olympics binge-watching. Candi and Constance tease Gina at the pub about Fred flirting with her. Later, toasting marshmallows, they are shocked when Reg and Arthur, the human luge, come flying over the bonfire and crash-land next to them! Simpkins tracks down Constance and explains why she can’t have the coat. Constance realises she can’t wear it any more and throws it (and, symbolically, his ex-wife) on the bonfire. Fred finally finishes his radio show and has seen on his phone that Gina has swiped him right!

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins offering Reg ‘half a crown’ to fetch some flowers for him to give Constance
  • Fred putting on the whole of Pink Floyd’s Wall to buy himself some shut-eye time
  • Arthur’s snowy friend Stuart flying off the back of their human luge on their descent

Will Pablo keep Eliza’s secrets to himself?

Will Fred and Gina act on their flirtations or keep things friendly?

Are Reg and Arthur going to try out any other winter sports without the right equipment?

Find out in Episode 15.5 of Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre on Monday 12th March at 8pm

Episode 15.3, Valentine’s Special: ‘It’s all about MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!’

Constance was given misinformation about Simpkins’ feeling for her, Simpkins realises that she has expectations and toys with her in revenge for her breaking of his heart years before. But when Constance tells him how she really feels, he softens and confesses he had never stopped loving her. They kiss.

When Fred suggests meeting up at the pub later, Reg assumes he means in a romantic way. Reg prepares himself, excited, but is crushed when later in the pub Fred tells him how much he likes Gina and enjoys a flirt with her. Happy in her relationship, Gina wants none of that and instead encourages Reg to fulfil his Valentine’s wish and kiss Fred, which Fred is happy to do in return for a song. They kiss.

After forgetting her PIN and getting her card locked, Eliza’s plan for treating Candi to an expensive Valentine’s treat come to nothing. Candi had been insulted by Constance earlier and is feeling unconfident. But up on the cliffs, looking down at an open-air film, they both realise they do not need to splash money around or change themselves for the other to love them.  They kiss.

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg practising what he is going to say to Fred, playing Fred in an imaginary conversation
  • Simpkins stabbing a fork down on a plate to show Constance what she did to him, and then doing the same thing again to show her that he had just done the same to her
  • So much kissing!

Are Simpkins and Constance really going to try again, after all the harsh words and one child sent far away???

How will Gina react to Fred saying he fancied her?

Will Reg ever find love???

Find out in Episode 15.4 on Monday 26th February 2018 at 8 pm at The Wardrobe Theatre


Episode 15.2: ‘Mick Jagged, Jimi Hendrocks, Lenny Crevice’

Candi is worried she does not know how to woo Eliza but Reg teaches her to trust her instincts. She surprises Eliza in the Newtown Rock Garden and expresses her feelings through an RnB song and a kiss.

Fred is forming a friendship with Pablo, but soon realises Pablo’s intentions are more intimate than he thought. Gina is nursing an injured throat after being attacked by a fox and can’t speak. Constance comes to the pub to cheer her up but leaves her recreational drugs on the bar. Meanwhile Simpkins is being annoyed by Arthur James who not only talks like him but has started to pretend to be him. Arthur, acting as Simpkins, then professes his true love for Constance!

Gina finally feels well enough to clear up Constance’s drugs but is interrupted by a siren and a flashing blue light…

Memorable Moments:

  • Reg naming the rockstar themed rocks in the rock garden (eg Keith Rockchards, David Bowlderie, Igneous Pop), while Candi came up with…Brian May Sandstone!
  • Pablo’s stiff reaction to his portraits of Fred…
  • Candi getting a Boots Advantage Card to impress Eliza

Will Gina be arrested?

Will Constance act on ‘Simpkins’ expressions of love?

How far will Pablo go to win over Fred?

Find out at our Valentine’s Special on Monday 12th February 2018