Season 16.1: ‘Ducking Death in Dubai’

After being caught in Dubai with drugs inside the gift Reg gave him, Pablo is facing execution. Luckily he makes a friend in the prison’s laundry and escapes under the laundry van. After a trek through the desert, he eventually meets up with a patiently waiting Reg – who has fake passports ready and a lot of love to give. Pablo is worried about Reg’s Maggie Thatcher-loving rabid Tory inclinations, but Reg convinces him that politics should not get in the way of their love.

Meanwhile, back in Newtown, Simpkins is trying his best to teach AJ how to attract a woman. Big Dick is convincing Gina to chuck out some of her stuff. But it goes too far when her beloved armless statue of a glamorous head and torso, Cecil, gets taken to the dump too. When Big Dick goes to retrieve it he bumps into short-sighted AJ, who falls in love with Cecil. Big Dick plays along and introduces it as Jessica, encouraging AJ to bring his date along to the pub so Gina can have a laugh. Simpkins sees AJ snogging the statue and realises he has wasted his time.

Eliza is too anxious about finding out the truth to pee onto the pregnancy stick. Candi tries to help, but when Eliza does finally pee on the stick and discovers she is pregnant (by Reg) with twins, Candi clears off – relieved she and Eliza are no longer an item.

Memorable Moments:

  • Simpkins looking out on to the pond and wondering where all the ducks go
  • Eliza dying for a pee in the back of the Big Dick’s van on the way to the dump, while Gina and Big Dick carry on arguing
  • AJ having a one-sided chat with Cecil/Jessica at the pub

Will Reg and Pablo make it back to Newtown with no further mishaps?

Will Eliza tell Reg she thinks she is pregnant with his twins??

Will Simpkins find out where the ducks go?

Find out in Episode 2 of Season 16 at the Wardrobe Theatre on 17th September 2018 at 8pm