Over the years we have discovered it is a small town somewhere on the south coast of England. In Newtown you can find cliffs, a hill called Lyle Hill, a river, a park, a town square, a pub and an ever-expanding roster of shops including well-known chain stores and esoteric local retailers.

Occasionally found elsewhere, but mostly living, loving and lurking in Newtown, are this particular bunch of humans.

Click and flip away to meet Newtown’s inhabitants.

Character List
• Fred Gonzalez (Andrew Kingston)
• Big Dick Johnson (John Lomas)
• Pablo Jones (Peter Baker)
• Candi Johnson (Alice Lamb)
• Constance Sugar (Lindsey Garwood)
• Rita Meter (Lucy Harrington)
• Spencer Spencer (Chris Collier)
• Reg Longstick (Andy Kelly)
• Arthur James ‘AJ’ Shaw (Matthew Whittle)
• Mr. R Simpkins III (Sean Duffy)
• Gina Pitts (Rachael Lane)
• Eliza Thornfield (Annette Chown)

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