Over the years we have discovered it is a small town somewhere on the south coast of England. In Newtown you can find cliffs, a hill called Lyle Hill, a river, a park, a town square, a pub and an ever-expanding roster of shops including well-known chain stores and esoteric local retailers.

Occasionally found elsewhere, but mostly living, loving and lurking in Newtown, are this particular bunch of humans.

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Character List
  • Fred Gonzalez (Andrew Kingston)
  • Big Dick Johnson (John Lomas)
  • Candi Johnson (Alice Lamb)
  • Constance Sugar (Lindsey Garwood)
  • Anthony Pewell (Andy Kelly)
  • Arthur James ‘AJ’ Shaw (Matthew Whittle)
  • Mr. R Simpkins III (Sean Duffy)
  • Gina Pitts (Rachael Lane)
  • Debita Webra (Peta Maurice)
  • Eliza Thornfield (Annette Chown)
  • Pablo Jones/Jewell Pewell (Peter Baker)

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