Our Fans


Of course we appreciate EVERYONE that comes to watch the show, we want those that watch one episode when they are passing through to enjoy it as much as anyone else. However, there is a special place in our collective Closer Each Day heart for our die-hard fans, the ones that come back again and again and the crazy ones that have never missed a single show.

We love you, we treasure you, we never want to lose you! You have helped make the show what it is today and we thank you for your continuing support, we hope to see you at our shows for a long time to come.


Closer Each Day is the world’s longest improvised narrative and Bristol’s cult hit of a spontaneous soap opera.
Join us at The Wardrobe Theatre every two weeks. If you cannot make the show, follow the live tweeting below:


TOM BRENNAN This crazily talented individual is the founder of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera. We owe it all to him! He is a director, performer and writer and is part of the Wardrobe Ensemble. He is no longer a regular in the show but you can sometimes catch him in a cameo, what a star!

THE BRISTOL IMPROV THEATRE: We are proud to be connected to the UK’s first dedicated theatre of improvisation. It is a wonderful place for improvisers, theatre-goers and for curious people who just pop in and then keep coming back for more. Every year at the BIT we put on the Bristol Improv Marathon, an insane and joyous event which brings together the whole impro community for 26 hours non-stop. Now held at the BIT are sessions of the Unscripted Players, the brain-child of John Lomas, this is the UK’s first amateur company of improvised theatre and we love their appetite for playing!

THE WARDROBE THEATRE is where we perform fortnightly, its co-directors have all been involved with our show and have made it what it is today. We may be biased, but this theatre consistently brings excellent productions to people at affordable prices. To top it all off, you can first stop off at the Old Market Assembly for a drink or delicious food, makes for a perfect night out.

OTHER IMPRO TROUPES & COMPANIES: Our cast is a hotpot of creative oomph and can be found in the celebrated Degrees of Error, Impromptu Shakespeare, Tremolo Theatre, The Unnamed, Beyond the Ridiculous, Wardrobe Theatre Originals and more. They just can’t get enough!

OLIVER PARK: A fan of the show and a fantastic award-winning filmmaker who created and directed our incredible trailer. Didn’t we tell you we love our fans? Well, we really love this guy.